Whose house? The Uniter’s house

For the online issue, we thought we’d turn the cameras on ourselves. Here’s a peek into the homes and lives of The Uniter’s staff.


Anastasia Chipelski, managing editor

“My brother made me this bath caddy for Christmas. I love loading it up with snacks, tea and notebooks and spending hours in the bath. I can even put my laptop up there and work from the bath. Why would I ever leave?”


Margaret Howison, business manager

“It's an old photograph of my mom staring off at a lake holding a little shaggy dog. She never owned a dog and her bandana/jean jacket combo make her look a little more bohemian than the mom I knew, but I like thinking about the life she had before she was a mom.”  


Scott A. Ford, creative director

“This is my studio space with my makeshift drafting table made from scrap plexiglass and wood from an old sculpture project. The desk light swivels behind the plexiglass, which instantly changes the drafting table into a light table. Around my workspace you can see my various drawing tools, references, and work in progress.”


Palmer Fritschy, news editor

“My cousin painted this wine bottle in 1974 – it's a painting of my dad in a Dutch soccer uniform with the colours of the Dutch flag in the background. I took it with me when I first moved out on my own and it's stayed with me ever since.”


Tim Runtz, comments editor

“Thrift store desk with paraphernalia – I bought this desk at the MCC furniture store for $45 because my legs didn’t fit underneath the old one. It didn’t fit through any doors so I had to take it apart on the lawn. The spiky plant's bowtie is leftover from Christmas.”


Danielle DaSilva, copy and style editor

"I love checking out vintage and antique shops so when I found these old stills in a box at the Old House Revival Co. I wanted to give them new life. I picked up some salvaged frames the same trip and now I have some new old art for my place."


Meg Crane, arts and culture editor

“This is where I work! With my three cats and mini garden, I edit the arts and culture section of The Uniter from this corner of my bedroom.”


Daniel Crump, photo editor

“I kind of have a thing for film photography and travel. This is just a small selection of my camera collection.”


Simeon Rusnak, staff photographer

“Much like Daniel, the Photo Editor, I have a thing for cameras. These are a few of the cameras in the collection - some inherited, some found, some bought.”


Keeley Braunstein-Black, staff photographer

“Nearly everything I own is currently crammed into this corner of my room.  My drum set is stacked up in there, along with six other instruments, photography background, stands and other equipment.  My hiking backpack, dry pack, and other camping gear. The boxes are full of books. The only things not in this photo are my bow and arrow, bed, fishbowl sized wine glass, and sewing machine!”


Gabrielle Funk, staff illustrator

“The following image is a shot of one storage shelf in my home art studio. I am exceptionally fond of every object here. This image represents the majority of curiosities and oddball keepsakes that have survived many moves and spontaneous purges on my part. I like don't clutter but clutter likes me and so I try and curate it as best I can.“


Thomas Pashko, features reporter

“My grandfather spent six years in a prison camp during the Second World War. He bought this mandolin after the war, but before coming to Canada. It was made in Italy, and he bought it in a music store in Nottingham, England, where he lived between Ukraine and Canada. The music store he bought it at is still there. Someday I want to travel to that store and have them restore the mandolin.”


Elena Spitcyna, campus reporter

“This is one of my favourite things: a dry-erase whiteboard! I use it for everything – to write down plans for the day and notes for article ideas, leave a reminder or even solve some math problems (it does save a lot of paper especially in this particular quest.)”

Published in Volume 70, Number 20 of The Uniter (February 18, 2016)

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