• Photo gallery - Winnipeggers show solidarity with NoDAPL movement in North Dakota

    A group of Winnipeggers gathered around Portage Ave and Main St around 4:30 p.m. on Nov 15 in a show of solidarity with protests in North Dakota. 

  • PROFile - Dr. Eva Pip

    Dr. Eva Pip taught biology at the University of Winnipeg and retired in early September.

  • Whose house? The Uniter’s house

    For the online issue, we thought we’d turn the cameras on ourselves. Here’s a peek into the homes and lives of The Uniter’s staff.

  • Sleds, skates, skis and snowshoes

    Free outdoor activities during winter in Winnipeg

  • Whatever happened to… Movie Village?

    With the rise of streaming websites like Netflix, Brittany investigates what has happened to movie rental stores. Specifically, the Osbourne Village staple, Movie Village.

    Producer: Brittany Thiessen
    Camera/Editing: Aaron Pridham

  • Feminism and a Falafel - Streeter

    In this instalment of Feminism and a Falafel, Brittany asks students at the University of Winnipeg what Feminism means to them.

  • The Uniter goes to Festival du Voyageur

    This week Aaron visits the Festival du Voyageur to find how what it takes to become a Voyageur!

  • Good and evil

    J. Williamez might be familiar to Uniter readers for a number of reasons. For years the musician/comedian penned his Good and Evil column for our back page, and just last week the latest record from his band The Civil Disobedients, Another Dead Medium, was voted the favourite local release of 2014 by our readers.

  • Favourite local publication

    The Uniter was founded in 1824 by John Uniter, a wealthy Selkirk industrialist who coined the phrase “People before profit.” The publication was one page and was used to inform people about the upcoming general strike (which didn’t occur for almost a century). It had a circulation of 20 and was printed on the back of old rags found in Uniter’s garage.

  • The Uniter Top 10 Lists

    The Uniter staff members compile their year-end top-ten lists. 

  • Stream Alfa’s debut album Harmattan

    Alfa will release his debut album, Harmattan, on Saturday, November 15 at the West End Cultural Centre. You can stream the album in its entirety below.

  • How To… Get Checked at an STI Clinic

    Carson Mauthe shows us just how incredibly easy and important it is to get tested for STIs by using his camera man, Marc, as a guinea pig.

  • Election Streeter 2014

    Comedian Aaron Pridham asks University of Winnipeg students what they think of Judy Wasylycia-Leis changing her name, Gord Steeves writing greeting cards, fictional candidate Aaron Pridham enforcing bike helmet laws and more things that are untrue in this election streeter video.

  • Dear Future Mayor…

    We asked various Winnipeg residents to write letters to the future mayor. Whichever candidate is elected on October 22, we hope they take these ideas (along with tweets, rants and hopes) to heart.

  • How to…Mix a Pisco Sour

    On this episode of 'How to...', Mike Fox, bartender at local restaurant Peasant Cookery, shows us how to make a 'Pisco Sour'.

  • Student Streeter

    As of September 5, 2014, Pangea's Kitchen in Riddell Hall now sells beer. We spoke to some individuals and got their opinion on having a watering hole so close class.

  • Feminism and a falafel

    In the first episode of Feminism and a Falafel, we talk to Jodie Layne, Director of Hollaback! Winnipeg, about why some people choose to catcall others and the effect it can have on those receiving them.

  • Le Burger Week Winnipeg

    This week, we talk to Sarah Gurevich, Daniel Gurevich, and Brett Howe of Charcoal Collaborative about Winnipeg's second annual Le Burger Week competition, taking place at over 30 local restaurants from September 1 to 7.

  • Finn performing at The Uniter Fiver

    Finn performing at The Uniter Fiver

  • Greek Riots performing at The Uniter Fiver

    Greek Riots performing at The Uniter Fiver

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