The Uniter Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Reality Shows I hope you didn’t watch in 2014

Lauren Clifford, volunteer coordinator

1.   True Tori  on Lifetime.

2.   Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars  on Lifetime.

3.   #Candidly Nicole  on VH1.

4.   Dating Naked  on VH1.

5.   Ladies of London  on Bravo.

6.   Untying the Knot  on Bravo.

7.   I Heart Nick Carter  on VH1.

8.   Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons  on E!

9.   LeAnne and Eddie  on VH1.

10.  I Wanna Marry “Harry”  on Fox.


Top 10 #Wpg14 Tweets

Danielle Da Silva, city editor

10.   @OohCrystal: how is a person that was supposed to run our finances asking for $ b/c she couldn’t manage the $ for her campaign?! #Judy #Wpg14 #WhatAJoke

9.   @CaityMacG:  RT if you’ve watched Harvey Smith fall asleep during a city council meeting. #wpg14

8.   @Cory_Boehm: Last night @gordsteeves challenged that no one has been offended by his campaign. I have and know others have too. #WPG14

7.   @jwinUP: #Winnipeg growing issue over the next couple of years will be housing and affordable housing . . . Silent during #wpg14 perhaps #wpg18.

6.   @randyturner15:  If elections aren’t like Christmas for some reporters then why is @bkives hanging his stocking in the newsroom as we speak? #wpg14

5.   @candacemax: About to head out to Island Lakes to deliver the last of my campaign material. I chase ballots- not bachelors. #wpg14

4.   @SKKav: Seriously...I have to ask.Can the polls switch so dramatically so quickly? Is it anti-Judy? Bowman’s ground game? #cbcmb #wpg14

3.   @DrRobbieO: Trying 2 get 2 appt for speech in Osborne! Stuck waiting for a train at Waverley & Wilkes. Lost productivity = #wpg14 need rail relocation.

2.   @jodielayne: Ugh @BrianBowmanWpg’s response to the Tanya Tagaq story was so disappointing. Adding people downtown doesn’t erase sexual violence.#wpg14

1.   @arherstein:  ...and @gordsteeves and his good friend, @Judy_WL, were never seen on Twitter after #wpg14... and we all lived happily ever after.


Top 10 Albums of 2014

Nicholas Friesen, managing editor

1. Sharon Van Etten - Are We There

2. The Rentals - Lost in Alphaville

3. St. Vincent - St. Vincent

4. Kim Deal & Morgan Nagler - The Root/Range on Castle 7”

5. Alvvays - Alvvays

6. Tweedy - Sukierae

7. Hey Pilgrim - The Big Z

8. Pixies - Indie Cindy

9. Ought - More Than Any Other Day

10. Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust


Top 10 Dance Performances of 2014

Jillian Groening, beat reporter

1.   James Kudelka’s The Four Seasons presented and performed by The Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the Centennial Concert Hall, May 9 2014.

2.   Freya Olafson’s HYPER_ performed at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, September 28 2014.

3.   Ming Hon’s Forever in Blue Jeans presented and performed by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers at the Rachel Browne Theatre, November 18, 2014.

4.   Peggy Baker’s Split Screen Stereophonic presented by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers and performed at the Rachel Browne Theatre, April 27 2014.

5.   Constance Cook’s S/KIN performed by Jung-Ah Chung at the Rachel Browne Theatre, June 28 2014.

6.   Riley Sims’ untitled work performed by Nova Dance Collective at the Rachel Browne Theatre, September 4, 2014.

7.   Kayla Henry’s the dead amuse performed at the Rachel Browne Theatre, June 28 2014.

8.   Peter Quanz’s Rodin/Claudel presented by The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and performed by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal at the Centennial Concert Hall, March 4 2014.

9.   Zorya Arrow’s A Cabaret performed at aceartinc., April 25 2014 / Toy Guns Dance Theatre’s Red Wine, French Toast and The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had presented by the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, July 20 2014.

10.  Tedd Robinson’s The 60 Dancer Project presented by the School of Contemporary Dancers and performed at the Gas Station Arts Centre, May 18 2014.


Top 10 TV Comedies of 2014

Tony Hinds, beat reporter

1.   Nathan For You on Comedy Central.

2.   Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central.

3.   The Comeback on HBO.

4.   Silicon Valley on HBO.

5.   The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim.

6.   Louie on FX.

7.   The Pete Holmes Show on TBS.

8.   Bob’s Burgers on Fox.

9.   Veep on HBO.

10.  Brooklyn Nine Nine on Fox.


TOP 10 things i didn’t do in 2014

Nicholas Luchak, creative director

1. Record an EP or album.

2. Buy a bike and ride it before winter.

3. Draw a comic for the Diversions page of The Uniter.

4. Gain more Instagram followers than people I follow.

5. Watch The Wire.

6. Donate blood (even though I know I should).

7. Stop looking at my phone so frequently.

8. Leave Winnipeg to become a comedy writer in LA.

9. Learn how to write for comedy.

10. Learn how to write.


Top 10 Love/Hate decisions I’ve made since December 4, 2013

Dayne Moyer, business manager

1.   Got a puppy.

2.   Took an “extended leave” from university.

3.   Took a week long holiday complete with five person road trip.

4.   Went on a seven day juice cleanse for two days.

5.   Agreed with UMSU about something.

6.   Watched the CMHR opening ceremonies.

7.   Considered voting for Bowman in the civic election.

8.   Was a bartender on New Years Eve.

9.   Increased my credit limit.

10.  Accepted a job at the Uniter.


Top 10 Films of 2014

Thomas Pashko, beat reporter

1.   The Grand Budapest Hotel

2.   Ida

3.   Of Truth and Magic

4.   Life Itself

5.   Interstellar

6.   Alan Partridge

7.   Boyhood

8.   Snowpiercer

9.   The Guest

10.  Whiplash


Top 10 new and delicious things I put in my mouth in 2014

Larissa Peck, copy & style editor

10.   New White Pizza @ Carbone Coal Fired Pizza

9.   Beet borscht @ Sana Soup House

8.   Vegan cabbage rolls @ Baba’s Pantry at The Forks

7.   Rehydrate cold pressed juice @ Green Carrot Juice Co.

6.   French Toast @ The Tallest Poppy

5.   Tickle My Pickle burger @ Burger Week at The Marion         Street Eatery

4.   Pistachio cream doughnut @ Oh Doughnuts; Parlour,         Little Sister, Thom Bargen

3.   Whiskey Sour @ Whiskey bar at the Toad in the Hole

2.   Ripe Strawberry & Dark Cherry jam @ Jamore; at various         farmers’ markets

1.   Bacon Pancakes @ Maw’s


Top Ten Texts From My Dad

Aaron Pridham, video editor/host

10. “Farting”

9. “Beware me Boyo going to do-34 W/C Wed. P.M. Unreal welcome home but isn’t that the norm for you?”

8. “Found my boxing gloves want them?”

7. “Also found Woody & Buzz Lightyear”

6. “Free Willy :’(“

5. “Have line on the best pizza peperoni”

4. “Shit just cut a deep chunk of my left thumb while cutting pizza topping won’t stop bleeding”

3. “Good game but watch your knackers”

2. “He’s a goon”

1. “Odds DDI F g//gGfff2f2 f2ff f2f fftftffffffff f2f ffffffdft ffff ft ttfffffttffftffff f2f f2f”


Top 10 Punk Shows of 2014

Deborah Remus, arts reporter

1.   Against Me! - April 1, West End Cultural Centre.

2.   Single Mothers - September 20, Natural Cycle.

3.   Less Than Jake - October 14, Pyramid Cabaret.

4.   Distances - May 15, The Purple Room.

5.   Ten Second Epic - May 4, Union Sound Hall.

6.   Andrew Jackson Jihad - July 19, Pyramid Cabaret.

7.   Elder Abuse - August 20, The Grave.

8.   The Flatliners - March 29, Park Theatre.

9.   A Wilhelm Scream - June 3, West End Cultural Centre.

10.  Lagwagon - November 18, The Garrick Centre.


Top 10 things that helped me survive winter in 2014

Brittany Thiessen, video producer

1.   Eggnog.

2.   The relief I felt each time I didn’t fall after slipping on ice.

3.   Royal Canoe at Festival du Voyageur.

4.   Beardsicles.

5.   Conquering winter biking.

6.   The river trail at night.

7.   Netflix.

8.   ATLAAS at Big Fun.

9.   Double-and-triple-layered leggings.

10.  Beyoncé.


Top 10 instances of Prime Minister Stephen Harper being “difficult” in 2014

James Wilt, arts & culture editor

1.   Refusing to launch a national inquiry following the murder of Tina Fontaine (August 21).

2.   Ratifying the Canada-China FIPA, condemning Canadians to decades of ecological devastation and unemployment (September 18).

3.   Publicly congratulating Tony Abbott, the Australian prime minister, for removing the country’s carbon tax (June 9).

4.   Supporting anti-sex worker legislation that threatens the most vulnerable (September 9).

5.   Exploiting the murders of two soldiers to implement draconian security and surveillance measures (October 23).

6.   Shoving through undemocratic omnibus bills with no remorse (October 25).

7.   Pathetically whispers “get out of Ukraine” at Vladimir Putin and thinks he’s a real cool boy (November 18).

8.   Talking big about the wars of old while closing Veterans Affairs district offices (February 3).

9.   Dropping a cool $7 million on Reefer Madness-inspired anti-pot ads (October 20).

10.   Attempting to subvert the Supreme Court and install an unqualified judge as a justice (March 21).

Published in Volume 69, Number 14 of The Uniter (December 3, 2014)

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