Volume 69, Number 14

Published December 3, 2014

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  • The Creeps

    A feel-good comic about two unnamed characters and their delightful journeys through universally hilarious themes like hatred, misery, uncontrollable rage, disease and rash, delusion, agoraphobia, paranoia, jealousy, greed, bitterness, binge eating, slothfulness, and death, lots and lots of death; also, deformity, flatulence, boogers, nosebleeds, bowel movements, and the eating of unappetizing things.

  • The Uniter Top 10 Lists

    The Uniter staff members compile their year-end top-ten lists. 

  • Don’t leave the couch

    It’s winter in Winnipeg. “Freezing” doesn’t even begin to describe what’s happening outside. You want to go to the theatre and catch some of the end-of-year prestige pictures, but the roads are icy and it’s so much easier to stay on the couch with your cat. Have no fear! 2014 was a great year for movies, and there are plenty of solid flicks available on DVD or VOD that you probably missed. Here are a few.

  • Bearing with New Year’s

    Figuring out plans for New Year’s Eve seems like one heck of a chore, which is probably why I’ve never gone out for said occasion. Here’s a potentially helpful list of stuff to do. Some spots haven’t yet posted details on their events, so keep an eye on certain venue’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more info as the fateful day draws closer. Just try to be kind to your already wounded credit score.

  • City hopping

    Mobina Galore left behind B.C.’s largest city for Winnipeg and ended up recording a solid LP that’s largely inspired by our thriving punk scene. The duo, which formed near the end of 2010, recorded its debut EP, Skeletons, in Vancouver - a city at times suitable for partying but not quite as convenient for working on a record.

  • A mustache miracle

    The whole idea of a “new tradition” is a bit of an oxymoron, and it’s rare for any new festive celebration to become a true holiday staple. Somehow, Winnipeg singer-songwriter JP Hoe has done it. His annual JP Hoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Show has been going on for nearly a decade, and it has grown exponentially in scope and popularity since its humble beginnings at the King’s Head Pub.

  • Jingle bell folk

    There are many wonderful Winnipeg Christmas traditions, ranging from decorating the tree to accidentally sliding your car into on-coming traffic. What’s seeming to become a new local holiday tradition is A Country Christmas, returning to the St. James Tap and Table for the second year in a row.

  • Big mustache and bowler hat rock

    A drunken conversation in a Winnipeg bar got the wheels rolling for Gold Mountain, a new folk-rock-pop band featuring some familiar faces. Jamming officially began in 2011 after vocalist/guitarist Kris Rendina’s old band Talk City opened some shows for guitarist Martin LaFrenière’s technical punk group High Five Drive.

  • Ha ha ha > Ho ho ho

    Did you know that December, one of the coldest months of 2014, is also the funniest? The Winnipeg comedy scene is consistently among the finest in the country, but as we near 2015, more and more fantastic local shows are popping up. Comedian and writer Jared Story insists the recent change in climate is good for local comedy.

  • Three Canadians walk into a recording studio …

    Think of a song as a living entity. From a fragmented tune hummed in the shower or stumbled through on a guitar, to a sparkling of green and red lights on a soundboard to a tangible work in vinyl etching and finally to vibrant noise blasted through amps and bouncing off walls, a song is constantly in flux.

  • How to avoid holiday failure

    If you’re anything like me (procrastinator, indecisive) you probably head out a week before your holiday celebration in search of magnificent gifts. 

  • Life On Mars

    Although the first snow fall and hanging holiday lights is very fine and nice, it can often bring the dread of knowing that one is going to resemble Randy from A Christmas Story for the following five months.

  • Freethinking

    Brian Bowman surprised many with his victory in the mayoral election. Former NDP Member of Parliament and Manitoba Cabinet Minister Judy Wasylycia-Leis was seen as the clear frontrunner at the outset of the campaign, but Bowman gained support throughout the race and ended up winning handily, securing almost 50 percent of the vote. Bowman ran an optimistic and tech savvy campaign, promising to complete the bus rapid transit system and make city government more efficient and transparent.

  • Whose House? Nils & Melissa’s house.

    Nils and Melissa Vik are finally chilling out. It’s undeniably well-deserved. Nils opened up Little Sister Coffee Maker with Vanessa Stachiw, Melissa’s sister, in September of 2013. Melissa gave birth to their first child, Marte, the following February. In between all that, the pair of 31-year-olds oversaw the construction of a gorgeous house in St. Boniface. It’s not a combo that Nils would immediately advocate.