Whose House? Alesha’s House.

James Wall

Alesha Frederickson is the mastermind and skillful hands behind the local, bespoke lingerie brand March and August. Fed up with ill-fitting, cookie-cutter lingerie at the mall, each pair of M&A Underthings is custom made to order. Customers can choose the style and print - even customize the measurements making each pair truly as unique as their wearer.

She launched her first line this spring and within weeks, it was sold out online. Following up that early success with a custom line for Edward Carriere which <i>also</i> sold out, it's obvious that her customers don't mind that their underwear doesn’t come five for $20 in a bin. Free from the neon hues and scratchy synthetic lace of its mass-produced counterparts, Frederickson's latest mini-collection features soft bamboo fabric, delicate lace edging, and hazy pinks and purples.

She crafts her beautiful things in her home studio (an apartment in West Broadway) although her and her partner, James, have just purchased a home a few blocks away. While she says she’ll be a bit sad to move from the birthplace of March and August, she is certainly excited to become a homeowner and is excited to fill us in on all the things she loves about her current place.

1) Painting of Flowers in Vase

"I was given this painting as a gift by my partner's sister. I don't think I'm really girly, but I love this painting. I just feel like it's me in a really weird way. It's my favorite piece in my house, the colours are just so great."

2) Studio Space

"This is kind of my inspiration/mood board. I have some pictures of me and my family as well as colour charts and fabric swatches. I also have the lookbooks of some other designers that I like posted up there. I have Tony Chestnut, who is incredibly helpful and supportive, and I have Eliza Faulkner who is really cool and I love her stuff. I like to look at their stuff to remind myself that they're independent and I'm independant, so I can do this."

3) Singer Sewing Machine

"This machine belonged to James' grandmother, which I bought at an auction. I guess that's kind of funny, but I got it for about $10. I can sew with it, but I don't do much because it needs a little bit of love. It's in my living room right now, so it's more of a decor piece."

4) Vintage Blue Velvet Chair

"I found it at the big MCC on Chalmers. They were having a 60% off couches sale and I went up to this older man and said, 'This is a couch, right?' It clearly was not, but he kind of looked at me and said, "Suuuurrreeeee." It's in perfect condition, two people can sit on it, it's comfy and it doesn't smell. This window faces onto Westminster, there's always interesting things going on. I just usually sit here and watch."

5) Cactuses

"I don't have a green thumb at all, but I wanted some greenery in our space. A cactus is the only thing I can't kill. I've had them for four months, so I feel like I'm doing a great job."

6) Patio Nook

"This is my outdoor patio area, in the summer I drink coffee out here and eat out here as much as I can. Since we don't have a yard, it's a little escape. We have couches out there too, so when friends come over we have lots of evenings out here."

7) Kitchen Shelves/Window Frame

"The previous tenants put this window frame up with shelving and I kept it. I have a hoarding problem with dry goods, so I have five kinds of lentils in there and any kind of spice you could want. I'm not really a great cook or anything, but when I see a spice I need to have it."

Visit marchandaugust.com for more information.

Published in Volume 68, Number 28 of The Uniter (July 2, 2014)

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