Jodie Layne

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  • Whose House? Alesha’s House.

    Alesha Frederickson is the mastermind and skillful hands behind the local, bespoke lingerie brand March and August. Fed up with ill-fitting, cookie-cutter lingerie at the mall, each pair of M&A Underthings is custom made to order.

  • Fashionable people doing questionable things

    Browsing through the photos from this year’s Coachella and Bonnaroo music festivals confirm one thing for sure: that cultural appropriation in fashion’s not just a trend that will go away by merely wishing it away.

  • Hot Diggity Dang

    Hot dogs have been a staple in feeding a crowd quickly since approximately forever.

  • The Intersection with Jodie Layne

    As almost any good Winnipegger knows, we live for the tiny window of months in the year that we can leave the house without a jacket or wear a dress without tights underneath.

  • Forward thinking

    Comedians make a living making people laugh, which usually means making fun of people and things.

  • The Intersection with Jodie Layne

    It’s well-documented that online spaces are often hostile for women – the more marginalized, the worse the online abuse often is. This past year has been a shitshow (for lack of a more accurate term) for women online. From Anita Sarkeesian’s death threats over her video game trope series to Hugo Schwyzer’s total attack on Flavia Dzodan and this week’s horrific demonstration of rape culture at the University of Ottawa, there have been too many high-profile incidents of harassment, threats of violence and attempted silencing of women on the Internet to count. 

  • The Intersection with Jodie Layne

    Those iconic stripes seem to be everywhere recently, especially if you’re on Instagram. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see someone cozied up with their point blanket or the hashtag #stripespotting under a picture featuring one of the multitude of items bearing the yellow, red, green and blue. And there is a multitude of items comprising the ‘HBC Collection’: $125 flasks, $400 purses and $7,500 canoes among them.

  • The Intersection with Jodie Layne

    When something induces cringing more often than it elicits joy, it should be a fairly obvious decision to pack it in and call it quits. That said, many Winnipeggers still (financially or otherwise) support the Blue Bombers and I still tune into The Mindy Project every week.