More choice for varied taste at The Good Will

Have a Nice Day will maintain an inclusive atmosphere

Have a Nice Day has replaced A Little Pizza Heaven and offers snacks for patrons of The Good Will Social Club.

Photo by Mike Sudoma

The Good Will Social Club was once divided into the bar side and the pizza side. Have a Nice Day, the new eatery, promises to be a more cohesive space with options as diverse as its clientele.

It’s a weekday afternoon. The restaurant is under construction, and people sit at The Good Will, chatting in booths. A row of regulars line the bar, which offers coffee and doughnuts during the day. 

The Good Will has house rules that set a mandate for an inclusive atmosphere.

Brittney Ljungberg says she has two main reasons for coming to The Good Will so often: proximity to home and proximity to school. 

“I’m in the science building next door quite a bit and I live in Wolseley, so it’s a nice middle point. And, also, I just really like it here.”

“I never feel like I’m over-dressed or under-dressed. It’s always just whatever I’m here doing is exactly what I need to be,” Ljungberg says.

Max Frank, the manager of Have a Nice Day, says he wanted to keep that spirit in mind when designing the menu.

“What I love about The Good Will is that it has such a welcoming vibe. I find it a very eclectic place (with) patrons and staff from all walks of life. It creates a very lively environment,” Frank says.

In diversifying the menu, that feeling of inclusion will extend to those who want more than just pizza.

Frank says many of his friends are excited to have other options, especially those who are students in the area. 

“Pizza is delicious, but no one wants to eat it too often,” he says.

Ljungberg says A Little Pizza Heaven’s garlic crust was definitely something to look forward to when visiting The Good Will, but she will be glad to have choices for when she’s in a different mood. As for the new menu, she has faith in Frank’s abilities and isn’t too picky.

“I’m not a big meat eater, so I’d like to see a lot of vegetable options. That’s about it,” she says.

The new menu, inspired by global street food, will cater to more patrons’ palates.

“Our main goal was to appeal to the many different people who come to The Good Will,” Frank says. “Having vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and meaty options to cover the generous demographic that The Good Will attracts.”

Frank seeks to be adaptable as well as inclusive. With the bar and restaurant under the same ownership, they’ll be able to create custom menus for events.

Some food ideas for an upcoming emo night have been thrown around and are mostly pun-based. Frank says you may be able to enjoy some Blink 180 stew or share a Taking Back Sundae.

Have a Nice Day is now open for business! Visit them in the Good Will Social Club at 625 Portage Ave.

Published in Volume 71, Number 19 of The Uniter (February 9, 2017)

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