Melanie Dahling

  • 50 years of community

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017. Throughout those years, the institution has developed an identity that experts say is still evolving.

  • Painting the town

    Winnipeg is home to many murals that tell the city’s tale. Artistic renderings of historical events can be found throughout the city, but as artists become inspired by other styles, they, and their murals, may be moving in a new direction.

  • Local drag

    Will Garrioch would love to see more growth on the Winnipeg drag scene so artists could start making some money.

  • Restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions

    Going out to eat can be a complicated experience for those with dietary restrictions. How does Winnipeg’s restaurant culture fare when it comes to accommodating allergies and alternative lifestyles?

  • Modern run is missing history

    When choosing to participate in a fun run, there might be more to consider than which one has the catchiest name.

  • Getting creative with Winnipeg venues

    When it comes to events, Winnipeg is home to many beautiful spaces, and some locals are finding innovative ways to showcase them.

  • Dressing for Winnipeg’s transitional weather

    It can be difficult to know how to dress for transitional weather, but a few stylish locals have ideas for surviving nature’s mood swings.

  • Frugal family fun

    Raising children can be expensive, but Winnipeg has budget-friendly organizations and events to keep many kids entertained.

  • Winnipeg votes for quality nightlife

    The Winnipeg Nightlife Awards showcase Winnipeggers’ growing interest in quality after-hours experience, and anyone can have a say.

  • The Village Idiots bring concert series to Facebook Live

    Anyone who can’t hear the Village Idiots’ apartment-based concerts through their floorboards can enjoy it free on Facebook Live every Wednesday night. 

  • Salon prices versus DIY damage

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are popular and share-worthy, but maybe it’s best to keep hair in the hands of a professional.

  • User-friendly cameras mean more diversity in film

    Local filmmakers have seen a shift in power dynamics on set within the last few years, mostly due to advances in technology.

  • Hitting puberty in the advent of instant messaging

    Instant Messaging (IMing) is a popular, inexpensive way to keep in touch with friends. But it wasn’t so long ago that online communication was exciting and new, leaving lasting impressions on those who engaged with it.

  • Building a brand online

    Through trial and error, local brands learn how to engage an online audience without being annoying.

  • Jamming at The Cavern

    After a long hiatus, jam nights are back on Mondays at The Cavern, with a few updates.

  • Cutting back on refined sugars

    Even those who prefer savoury treats may find sugar in their favourite pre-packaged snacks, but consumers are seeking out other ways to indulge cravings.

  • More choice for varied taste at The Good Will

    The Good Will Social Club was once divided into the bar side and the pizza side. Have a Nice Day, the new eatery, promises to be a more cohesive space with options as diverse as its clientele.

  • Revisit American Idiot with Winnipeg Studio Theatre

    Winnipeg Studio Theatre’s presentation of American Idiot comes at a time when Canadians can relate to angsty lyrics about a country divided.

  • Dig into natural wellness

    With easier access to information about health and wellness online, plant-based medicine is becoming more popular. Consumers who may have been curious about the benefits of plants can now find research, local greenhouses and helpful people to guide them in their search.

  • Playwright Agatha Christie is celebrated

    Modern audiences can explore classic crime fiction, mystery and plot twists at Christie Fest.

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