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  • Winnipeg fashion showcases diversity

    As fashion becomes more accessible, indie designers and amateur models have found a place on the Winnipeg scene.

  • Vinyl Salon creates safer spaces for music lovers

    The Vinyl Salon started as an intimate affair and has grown into a city-wide hub for women-run entertainment in safer spaces.

  • June Killing Stones

    June Killing Stones is a locally grown band united in their value of community and positivity. Brothers Joshua and Jake Letkeman were working on their craft for years before putting together a group.

  • Celebrate Malanka

    How Winnipeggers do Ukrainian New Year’s

  • Resolving to connect

    Though the beginning of a new year can be a healthy check-in point, committing to stick to a resolution for 365 days can be overwhelming. That’s why some people take a different approach to New Year’s resolutions.

  • There’s no one new around you.

    Being single is often seen as a problem to be fixed. If a person were looking for it, they’d find an endless stream of reading material that promises to explain why they remain uncoupled, and what they can do about it.

    For some Winnipeg singles, there’s a lot more to it than that.

  • Favourite Local Brewery

    1. Half Pints
    2. Barn Hammer
    3. Fort Garry

  • Favourite Local person behind the counter

    1. Paul Hewak (Burrito Del Rio)
    2. Cory Ralke (The Tallest Poppy)
    3. James Brown (The Cavern)

  • Monthly smut slam a haven for sex nerds

    The Winnipeg Smut Slam is a monthly event where participants have five minutes to impress with their best story, but there’s one rule: every story told has to be about sex.

  • Christmas decorations up for feelings of goodwill

    Around this time of year, the grinches come out to complain about holiday decorations for various reasons.

  • Queer pop music since Boy George

    Music in queer culture is about community and finding equality on the dance floor. Whether it is Boy George or P!nk, artists who rep for the LGBTQ+ and queer communities are making that positive space for people.

  • Yes We Mystic celebrate 5-year anniversary

    Yes We Mystic, the Winnipeg-based indie pop ensemble, recently celebrated their five-year anniversary at the West End Cultural Centre. With three releases and a European tour under their belt, the group has a lot to celebrate. 

  • Taking shame to the grave

    The legacy Glamdrew left behind

  • The story behind the story

    Exploring the origins of Winnie the Pooh

  • Crafting a brand

    Each year, hundreds of vendors apply for juried craft shows where the competition and entry fees are steep. How does a novice crafter make a name for themselves?

  • Once more, with feeling

    The Girls! Girls! Girls! 12th annual fundraiser gala in support of the Gas Station Arts Centre will, as always, showcase female-identifying artists from many disciplines in varying stages of their creative development.

  • Showing off the treats

    As October comes to a close, you’ll likely see superheroes, zombies and a bit of skin. Is there a hierarchy when it comes to Halloween costumes, and is it such a bad thing to choose glamour over guts?

  • Stories to tell in the dark

    With a history of hosting seances and more than a few ghost stories, it’s no surprise Winnipeg locals embrace Halloween with open arms. Those looking for a memorable night of chills can head to the Dalnavert Museum downtown.

  • On keeping your day job

    Artists find a way to enjoy the hustle

  • Where the poets are

    Canadian Festival of Spoken Word comes to Winnipeg

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