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Canada Day: From Eh to Zed


Every year we feel compelled to do, well… something for Canada Day. Why not? We live in a great country, and it’s always nice to have an excuse to get day-drunk. Like most people, you probably leave plans to the last minute then end up getting jostled around Osborne Village for a few hours. While there are a lot of way cool events in the Village, The Forks, and Assiniboine Park- maybe this year you’re looking for something new.


Mini Manitoba Road Trip

Craving a change of scenery on a small budget? You may be familiar with what Winnipeg’s street festivals have to offer, but there are a lot of fun events going on just outside our city. Selkirk claims to host Manitoba’s best fireworks show, and also offers wrestling and a sand castle building contest. Gimli hasn’t released any official details, but has provided many kid-friendly activities in the past. Up for an eight hour drive? Thompson has teamed up with Folklarama to organize a free show featuring globally influenced acts.


Blow Something Up

If you’ve taken in a local fireworks display in the last 19 years, it’s likely the crew at Winnipeg’s Archangel Fireworks was responsible for it. While their show at The Forks is always incredible there’s no denying the appeal of making things go bang on your very own. JD Renaud, devoted employee of Archangel, has a few tips before you light that fuse.

“First thing is you need a permit to do them in the city, and it needs to be on your own property. However, if you've got a cottage or something outside the city limits, you're cool to do pretty much whatever.”

Renaud goes on to say that while they have a many kinds of fireworks for sale, the “in the air and go boom” variety are generally the most popular. You can have some fun for $50, but it’s best to pool your resources. “Average shows people buy from us are about $100-$150… the best idea is to get a group of people together and you all chip in a few bucks. That way you can get some really cool stuff.”


Canadian Stereotype Challenge!

Be the most Canadian person you can possibly be for one day:

-Wear plaid. Wear a toque. Wear a plaid toque!

-Play street hockey.

-Eat back bacon dipped in maple syrup.

-Over pronounce your vowel sounds.

-Hug a polar bear.

-Hug Rick Moranis.

-Invite him to a kegger in an igloo you built with your bare hands.


Ambassador for a Day

Drive down to the states (bonus if you can get a Kinder egg past customs). Be polite, show them your plastic rainbow money and put vinegar on your fries. It might not be the most patriotic thing to do- but you’ll spread a little Canadian cheer and pick up some Vanilla Coke for your next wedding social along the way.

Or just smoke something fun and watch Kids in the Hall. For your country.

Published in Volume 68, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 4, 2014)

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