The sun harmonizes with Pluto on Thursday, September 16, at 9:52 p.m.

This can provide a sobering perspective of wealth inequities, as well as an ability to process and distribute large sums of money. This is happening in an earth sign, so hidden resources, materials, and physical objects are indicated. (Source: Astrology.com)


There’s been so much change in the landscape of your life lately, Aries. Thursday’s skies encourage you to embrace just a bit more as a multitude of stories culminates. Bond-building Venus
squares off with limitation-setting Saturn, asking you to pause and re-examine your close commitments in a more realistic light. Elsewhere, the sun’s sweet connection with healing Pluto highlights what needs swift transformation on your career path.


Thursday’s skies have you slowing to a crawl, Taurus. Your ruling planet, magnetic Venus, clashes with overly serious Saturn, creating a strong need for a realistic re-evaluation of your current approach to partnership dynamics. This aspect is notorious for lowering energy levels, dampening fun, and increasing melancholic moods. Rather than give into sulking, aim to approach any intimacy issues in a serious, head-on fashion.


As a Gemini, you run on excitable energy that always keeps you in motion. Thursday’s skies highlight the more troubling effects of always being on the go. The forecast calls for a slowdown and deep re-evaluation of your health and work/life balance as good-time Venus squares off with limit-setting Saturn. The illuminating sun’s smooth link with transformative Pluto allows for soulhealing relationship conversations.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape beckons you into a vulnerable and sensitive headspace, Cancer. Let yourself seek out the privacy you crave. Heart-centered Venus locks into a difficult square with reality-check Saturn, highlighting deeper intimacy issues that need open acknowledgment. The self-focused sun forms a supportive connection with deepdiving Pluto, offering profound and healing conversations in your one on ones. Take the plunge and tell your story.


A variety of stories are culminating beneath Thursday’s skies, Leo. Your ruling planet, the ever-shining sun, clicks into a connection with healer Pluto. This aspect encourages ease of transformation on the work/life balance front and encourages you to take action when it comes to striking an equilibrium. Elsewhere, magnetic Venus’ square with walled-off Saturn highlights the need for a realistic re-evaluation of bonds on the home front.


As a Virgo, you’re always looking for ways to keep things productive and efficient in their motion. Thursday’s skies ask you to surrender that need and slow your pace somewhat, as bond-building Venus squares off with limit-seeing Saturn. This pairing imposes a reality check on your current work/life balance and the state of your mental health. Elsewhere, the sun’s sweet connection with healer Pluto adds potency to your self-expression.


You may encounter your fair share of roadblocks today, Libra. Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, locks into a square with reality-check Saturn. This aspect highlights the need for re-evaluations around partnerships and your creative abilities. This pairing is likely to lower your energy levels and impose heavy moods. Still, if used wisely, it can help you constructively approach your creative limitations and help you better understand what’s stopping you.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape calls for illumination and re-evaluation, Scorpio. Magnetic Venus locks into a hard square with limitation-setting Saturn, imbuing the day with a heaviness and deepened awareness of blockages between your sense of independence and family duties. Try to examine your walls head-on rather than succumbing to a feeling of defeat. Elsewhere, the sun’s supportive connection with transformative Pluto facilitates healing through powerful conversations.


Change is an inevitable fact of life, Sagittarius. The universe is nudging you along to embrace that concept today as the illuminating sun links up with transformative Pluto. This pairing facilitates renewal on the career and self-confidence front—you need only implement it! Elsewhere, bond-building Venus’ square with heavy Saturn may highlight reality-check relationship conversations to have. However daunting they seem, it’s best to face them head-on.


As a Capricorn, you’re guided by the steady and structure-seeking movements of your ruling planet, Saturn. Thursday’s skies find Saturn receiving a displeased visit from lover Venus, which is likely to highlight relationship issues around the clashing of mutual goals. Aim to bring a reality check to this arena. Elsewhere, the sun’s supportive connection with healing Pluto facilitates a potent sense of renewal to your selfexpression and independent needs.


Aquarius people look to the selfdisciplined, reality-checking planet, Saturn, for cosmic guidance. Thursday’s cosmic landscape finds Saturn receiving an agitated visit from value-defining Venus. This pairing is likely to stress the divide between the demands of your career and your need for personal downtime among your relationships. Elsewhere, the illuminating sun’s link with transformative Pluto creates an easy atmosphere for healing through therapeutic means.


Thursday’s skies see a variety of stories reaching their culmination, Pisces. Magnetic Venus locks into an uncomfortable square with wall-building Saturn, highlighting any outmoded relationship beliefs you’ve been clinging to. This energy brings a powerful reality check into play around self-sabotaging patterns in close partnerships to clear up. Fortunately, the sun’s sweet link with transformative Pluto facilitates deep healing through raw conversations.

Published in Volume 76, Number 2 of The Uniter (September 16, 2021)

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