There is a full moon in Libra on Sunday, March 28

This full moon requires us to balance the relationships that we cater to and our independence. People will be longing as the full moon faces off with Venus and feeling like their responsibilities are isolating them as it harmonizes with Saturn. Commitment is needed.


Finally, peace returns with Thursday’s cosmos, Aries! The moon spends the day prowling through playful Leo, focusing your energy on any creative passion projects you’ve left on the back-burner. Luna’s opposition with happy-go-lucky Jupiter promotes good moods and an optimistic attitude towards your goals. Leisure is more appealing than hard work today, so let yourself devote energy towards something you actually enjoy doing.


As a Taurus, part of your life’s work is learning not to over-complicate things. Simplicity is restorative, and Thursday’s skies gently remind you of that. The moon meanders through self-concerned Leo, making a pleasant connection with dream-big Jupiter on her path. This imbues the day with an uplifted sense of faith towards your highest aspirations, so long as you nurture yourself from the ground up.


It’s easy to slip into a state of mental overload today, Gemini. This is a tendency you’re already used to wrestling with, but try to be extra on top of it today to avoid burnout. The playful Leo moon meets up with growth-giving Jupiter, helping you dream big and explore new visions of your potential. Pleasant moods, positive conversations, and a feeling of ease are in abundance.


You possess a wealth of skills that you forget to activate in your day-to-day, Cancer. You’re ready to revisit those precious inner resources and figure out how to use them more effectively. The self-trusting Leo moon meets up with dream-big Jupiter on her path today, encouraging you to lean into the unknown and put your ideas into action, however frightening it may feel.


Thursday’s skies arrive like a warm summer breeze, Leo. The moon cruises through your sign with little opposition, helping smooth over any rough patches that emerged in the last few days. Luna’s only connection is a meet-up with optimistic Jupiter, which encourages positive, hopeful interactions in one-on-one relationships. It’s an ideal day for pampering and nurturing yourself—however you see fit.


It hasn’t been an easy week thus far, Virgo. Fortunately, Thursday’s skies are something of a soothing balm for the rough patches you’ve had to endure. The moon meanders through lazy Leo, encouraging solitude, meditative practices, and recuperation. Luna’s only connection today is with dream-big Jupiter, who helps you see the big picture view of your current work/life balance and make adjustments accordingly.


It’s time to get in touch with your long-term goals, Libra. Reaching a finite decision is not always easy for you, but it’s important that you spend some time narrowing down your ambitions so you can ultimately achieve them. This narrative is highlighted today, as the moon meanders through self-confident Leo. Luna’s connection to visionary Jupiter helps you feel positive and allows you to dream big with your creative potential.


You’re getting closer to your calling, Scorpio. For the time being, you’re asked to look deep within before you can enjoy the flourishing fruit above ground. This story is highlighted today, as the moon prowls through ambitious Leo, focusing your attention on your current career trajectory. Luna’s link to aspirational Jupiter helps you see what needs fixing around your foundation… before you can climb to the top.


As a Sagittarius, you need regular departures from the familiar to feel sane. This story is illuminated today, as the sun roams through excitable Leo and locks eyes with your ruling planet, expansive Jupiter. You may feel deeply aware of your current emotional state under this influence. You can find an outlet for these feelings by getting out of the ordinary through whatever means possible.


Capricorn people aren’t always willing to deal with their messier emotions. It’s easier for you to stow them away, hoping they’ll simply disappear if ignored long enough. Thursday’s skies encourage you to sit with your feelings and reach a deeper understanding, as the heartfelt Leo moon connects with faithful Jupiter. You may feel drawn to shopping and spending to fill the void, but you’re better off simply sitting with the reality of your emotions.


Thursday’s skies offer some welcome relief after a difficult week, Aquarius. The moon roams through romantic-connoisseur Leo all day, continuing to direct your attention towards your most intimate one-on-ones. Luna’s mood-boosting link to optimistic Jupiter promotes positive attitudes and hopeful outlooks towards these interpersonal involvements. Yet, it’s also possible for any unresolved issues to get blown out of proportion.


You’re likely to be deeply aware of any imbalances in your life today, Pisces.  The moon cruises through self-concerned Leo all day, focusing your awareness inward towards your current work/life balance and health concerns. It’s an ideal day to sync back up with your body and curb any overindulgences. Luna’s opposition with your ruling planet, dream-big Jupiter, helps you deepen your connection to your current emotional state.

Published in Volume 75, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 25, 2021)

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