It’s Pisces season!

At 8:11 AM on Thursday, February 25, love planet Venus enters Pisces. While Venus is more at home in Libra and Taurus, Pisces is the sign where Venus goes on a luxury retreat. In Pisces, the planet of love and values can indulge as much as it wants. There is more than enough love to go around!


You’re becoming well accustomed with the ways of a social-recluse, Aries. Of course, this anti-social, sleepy phase won’t last forever. You’re in need of a reset, so let yourself continue to withdraw and move inward. Today’s skies add another element to this story, as other-oriented Venus slides into dreamy Pisces. Venus’ presence here helps you face the more difficult side of your relationship patterns, from now through March 21.


Your ruling planet is on the move today, Taurus. Peace-seeking Venus departs from the overly intellectual realm of Aquarius and slides forward into emotionally rich Pisces, where she’ll remain until March 21. Venus functions exceptionally well in Pisces, and her presence here can help you benefit through various allies and social networks. You can also expect to achieve your personal goals with more ease.


No one can stop you this time of year, Gemini. You’re at peak visibility career wise and have been making your plans for advancement. Thursday’s skies send in an extra blessing, as magnetic Venus moves forward into visionary Pisces, where she’ll stay until March 21. Venus’ stay in Pisces helps attract positive opportunities to the career front, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!


Today’s skies are something of an uphill trudge, Cancer. Your ruling planet, the shape-shifting moon, prowls into Leo’s terrain this morning. Normally, the Leo moon is a playful one that gears you up for productive action and helps you utilize your resources. Wednesday’s skies throw a wrench into the mix, as Luna opposes walled-off Saturn and squares change-demanding Uranus. This complicates your social life.


You’ve been treading water in your own depths as of late, Leo. Thursday’s skies arrive with assistance and throw you a life-vest, as sweet Venus moves forward to join the deep-feeling Pisces party. Venus’ stay here is an intense one, but she ultimately works to help you heal any relationship wounds while simultaneously attracting powerfully intimate circumstances for you to emotionally explore, from now through March 21.


This time of year is all about exploring the wild and wonderful art of relationship, Virgo. Thursday’s cosmic landscape tosses you a welcome treat to help sweeten that process, as lover Venus treks forward into dreamy Pisces. Venus’ stay here attracts positive circumstances to all of your important one on one interactions, but she especially draws warmth on the romantic front, from now through March 21.


Getting your life into a state of perfect equilibrium is impossible, Libra. Yet, you’ve been admirably trying to get things as balanced as possible. Today’s skies deliver a welcome gift to help assist you in this process, as your ruling planet, sweet Venus, moves forward into Pisces. Venus here helps attract positive circumstances on the job front and to develop a better mind/body connection, now through March 21.


The universe is sending you the cosmic gift you’re desperately in need of, Scorpio. Lover Venus moves departs from the headfirst realm of Aquarius and dives forward into ethereal Pisces today, where she’ll stay until March 21. Venus’ job is to attract and provide benefits, and in this newfound position she draws opportunities for the good things in life—your sex life, romantic life, and creative life all enjoy this boost.


Now is the time of year that you explore your foundations, Sagittarius. What relationship do you currently have with your home life? Thursday’s skies send in some help to sweeten your connection to your roots, as peace-seeking Venus moves forward into Pisces. Venus’ stay here helps you build a new relationship to your private life, while also smoothing over any rocky family bonds, from now through March 21.


This time of year is all about connecting with your inner voice, Capricorn. Thursday’s cosmic landscape brings an enviable gift to your communication style, as Venus moves forward into empathic Pisces. Venus’ stay here works to give you a silver-tongue in your self-expression. Any projects requiring the written or spoken word, or those which require you to tell your story, find themselves poetically benefitted from now though March 21.


The universe is giving you a helping hand today, Aquarius. Magnetic Venus departs from your sign and moves forward into visionary Pisces today, where she enjoys considerable strength. Venus’ time here runs from now through March 21, and her stay ultimately works to attract financial boosts and other resource benefits to your doorstep. Your talents and skills are also enhanced with a special charm now, as well!


The pieces of your identity puzzle are beginning to fall into place, Pisces. Magnetic Venus moves forward into your sign today, bringing her radiant gifts to your personality, self-expression, and appearance now through March 21. This is the best time of year to reinvent your wardrobe and personal style, as this is Venus’ special forte. It’s also the ideal time of year to put yourself back out onto the dating scene!

Published in Volume 75, Number 19 of The Uniter (February 25, 2021)

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