Yep, Mercury is still in retrograde (until Feb. 21)

Having a positive mindset will not be difficult this Saturday, Feb. 13, as Venus meets with retrograde messenger Mercury at 2:48 a.m., helping us attain a more artful or attractive perspective on things. This can also have some implications about repeating conversations in
romantic relationships.


Do you want to live your life your own way or according to what other people say? If your reputation is your top concern (and it should be), then you need to stop listening to what other people say and start listening to what your inner voice is telling you! Compromising what you want is never going to help you get anywhere, no matter what people say. Stay true to your beliefs. Talking to an older relative might help you get some insight on how to stay on track.


You have increased mental energy now. Studying and learning new things comes easily to you, and taking tests should be a breeze. Debating is also ideal now, so don’t hesitate to express your ideas and opinions loudly and proudly. If there’s an argument, you’ll probably win it. You’re starting to think more about the big picture. Let someone else worry about all the insignificant little details. Right now, you’ve got a grand plan that you can’t wait to put into action.


Momentum could be hard for you to achieve today. As soon as you get into your day, you’re probably going to start feeling foggy or unclear about what to do next. If that happens, then turn your focus outward. Instead of getting all wrapped up in your own goals, focus on the things that other people are doing. See if you can help them. Often, when you step out of your own life, you get a better perspective on it. This isn’t a good day to start any solo projects.


If it feels like too many people aren’t getting what you’re saying right now, don’t get frustrated. Others may misinterpret you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep listening to you. People are willing to put in some effort to be a part of your world because being a part of your world is so worthwhile! From time to time you’re bound to feel out of sync with them, but so what? Don’t strive for smooth interactions all the time. You’ll waste too much energy censoring yourself.


Tempers could be flaring today, including yours. The plans you’d put together aren’t working out the way you hoped, and now it looks like today is going to be all about putting out fires. The good news is that you have a strong sense of what you want, so it will be just a matter of figuring out how to get there. Make as few compromises as possible. If you let other people drive things in a direction you’re not totally comfortable with, you will regret it.


Romance requires some hard work from time to time, but it always pays off! If you’re in a relationship right now, give your partner a little bit more attention and loving care than you’ve been giving them lately. Compromise will bring the two of you closer. And if you’re not in a relationship, it’s time to work a little bit harder at making a connection with that person you’ve been talking to a lot lately. Open up a little more and be vulnerable. Share a dream.


If you’re feeling like there are too many limits being placed on you right now, it’s probably because you’re not pushing against them hard enough! You need to stretch yourself. It will feel good, and it will show people that you don’t need them looking over your shoulder. Step up and take on more responsibility and you’ll be given more autonomy. Add a little more ambition to the mix and don’t be afraid to fail. Even if you fail, at least you’ll learn something.


You don’t mind helping people when they need it, which is one of the things people love about you. But be careful not to give aid blindly. Someone who doesn’t really need your help could ask for it, and if you can get away with saying no, you should. The two of you usually work well together, but it will feel too much like they’re taking advantage of you. They need to be reminded that you might not be there when they really need you. Teach them not to take you for granted.


If you’re looking for an energy boost, look no further than art! Any place that is devoted to the visual representation of ideas has to be a great source of inspiration! If you can’t manage to physically get in front of a great painting or sculpture in a museum, then check out what you can find online. If you poke around long enough, you’re sure to find some sights and sounds that make you see things in a whole new way.


It’s a great day to voice your strongest opinions even if that means throwing a tiny temper tantrum. Everyone reverts to their childhood now and again, and today you could be surrounded by people who will understand if you get extreme in your behavior. You won’t be embarrassed if you lose your cool. You will feel refreshed! Later in the day, the universe will send you some high energy that makes you feel much better about where things are going. People do listen to you!


In the interest of keeping the group in harmony, encourage compromise. There is a lot of subliminal stuff going on, and people don’t all share the same goals. To make sure that no one person uses the group power to get what’s best for only them, you’ll have to keep a sharp eye on the prize. Reinforce what goals everyone should be working for. Don’t let one strong personality hijack everything for their own gain. You have the skills to keep things civil.


It’s way too easy to let other people take control. While it’s actually quite healthy for you to step back and hand over one or two of your responsibilities, it’s not wise to completely disconnect yourself from the work at hand. There is a difference between delegating a job to someone who could use the opportunity for some hands-on learning and getting something off your plate just so you don’t have to deal with it anymore, and you know it. So trust yourself.

Published in Volume 75, Number 18 of The Uniter (February 11, 2021)

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