When Mercury joins the sun and moves into fiery Sagittarius on December 1, your conversations become more exciting and daring. Pushing the envelope is one of your favorite things to do. Get in the last word. Say your piece. Tell a racy joke. There are so many fun ways for you to express yourself now!

As the Sagittarius sun trines your home planet Mars while it’s traveling through your powerful sign on the tenth, it’s time to go for the gold. You’re extremely competitive now, and your motto is, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Picture yourself standing tall at the center of the podium, accepting your shiny, dazzling first-place medal!

Money-focused Venus enters thrill-seeking Sagittarius on December 15, encouraging you to take some big financial risks. If a spontaneous opportunity comes up that seems too good to miss, go for it. With this adventurous pair it’s go big or go home! 

Things calm down a bit when the sun enters ambitious Capricorn on the twenty-first, and for the next month you’ll be working hard as you focus on your long-term goals. What do you want that you don’t have? Make a list, check it twice for accuracy, and then get to work! Circle a date on your calendar and promise to buy yourself something if you meet your deadline. You do best with material incentives now.


Your dreams take the spotlight during the trine between your ruler Venus and hazy Neptune on December 5, and while it can be nice to get lost in a dreamworld, you might want to think about what you’re missing out on in real life. When your judgment is cloudy, you make bad decisions that often can’t be reversed.

The new moon and solar eclipse in sunny Sagittarius on the fourteenth can wash away mistakes and give you a clean slate, but acting too quickly can result in even bigger errors going forward. Take the time to do this right, Taurus. What’s the rush? 

Your ruler Venus partners with Sagittarius the next day, giving your love life a fun little boost of passion and adventure. If you’re able to keep an open mind, you could experience a life-changing event in the coming weeks. Where your mind goes, the body follows.

Expansive Jupiter enters eccentric Aquarius on December 19, giving you the chance to expand your social circle, perhaps in an unusual way. You have your set ways of doing things, but you can’t help but be intrigued by something you’ve never seen or even heard of before. Advancements in technology now are absolutely amazing.


Communicative Mercury, your home planet, enters the Archer’s fiery realm on December 1, so the first three weeks of the month should be exciting regarding the way you interact with people. You have an optimistic outlook based on the spontaneous conversations you have with strangers, making you look forward to a brighter future. Optimism looks good on you!

There’s a subtle Venus-Neptune trine soon afterward on the fifth that puts you in somewhat of a dreamworld, especially when it comes to your finances. Are you sure you can afford that flashy new car or expensive piece of art? Your vision is clouded now, which isn’t good news for your bank account.

The healer Chiron goes direct on December 15, at which point you should be ready to do some serious soul searching. What’s been bothering you the most lately, Gemini? Don’t be afraid to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter. Better days are ahead when you agree to confront (and conquer) the darker moments from your past.

The sun moves from adventurous Sagittarius into responsible Capricorn on the twenty-first, signaling that it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get some real work done. You aren’t afraid to get in there and dirty your hands now because you realize that the harder you work, the more you will be rewarded.


ou come out of your shell quite a bit when talkative Mercury joins up with friendly and outgoing Sagittarius on December 1. Conversations with strangers lead you down some very interesting paths. This transit might take you out of your comfort zone, but right now it’s all about expanding your horizons!

The new moon and solar eclipse, also in the sign of the Archer, arrive on the fourteenth, and while there is a general feeling of well-being surrounding this lunation, don’t be distracted by it and move too quickly. Care should be taken when making any final decisions about all types of long-term issues.

Romantic Venus enters fire sign Sagittarius the next day, putting some passion and, yes, uncertainty into your love life. You could experience an adventure of a lifetime in the coming weeks, as well as learn some of the most painful lessons ever. Sometimes you can’t have one without the other.

There’s a full moon in your emotional sign on December 29 that reminds you to take care of yourself, Cancer. You’ve been through a lot this month (and year), and you really deserve some pampering. Do something to bring out your femininity (like a mani-pedi) and have special conversations with the women in your life. Celebrate the amazing female lunar energy that’s surrounding you now.


When Mercury, the planet that guides our thoughts and conversations, moves out of introvert Scorpio and into extrovert Sagittarius on December 1, you can finally let the world know what’s on your mind! You’ve probably been keeping a secret that you’re dying to tell someone. If so, now is the time!

The ninth brings a square between your ruler sun, also in passionate Sagittarius, and dreamy Neptune that makes you stop what you’re doing, pause for just a moment, and think about whether you’re headed in the right direction. Thank goodness this aspect only happens once a year because it can dish out a pretty serious helping of self-doubt. 

The new moon arrives on December 14—yes, also in fellow fire sign Sagittarius!—so you can’t help but think ahead to all the good things to come. Jumping the gun is one of the worst things you could do now, though. It’s good to be optimistic, but try not to count on things that haven’t happened yet. 

The sun moves out of Sagittarius and into reasonable Capricorn on the twenty-first, reminding you of all the things that still aren’t crossed off your yearly to-so list. You don’t have a lot of time left to accomplish your goals, Leo, but you aren’t going to give up until you do!


Your tone is much more upbeat when communicative Mercury, your ruler, shifts from introverted, contemplative Scorpio to reactive, outgoing Sagittarius on December 1. If you’ve been dying to ask someone a question, do it now! Conversations you have now are tinged with excitement. Having butterflies in your stomach is a sign that something amazing is going to happen!

Healer Chiron goes direct on the fifteenth, offering you the chance of inner growth. If you’ve been letting the past keep you from moving forward, this is your time to confront those painful issues that have been holding you back. Be brave, Virgo.

Expansive Jupiter partners with friendly, eccentric Aquarius on December 19, and both your ability to connect personally and network professionally should improve. How willing are you to step out of your comfort zone to make new contacts? Technology presents you with a world of information. Now, what will you do with it? 

The sun leaves fiery Sagittarius for more responsible Capricorn on the twenty-first, so your goals will be your major focus for the next month. Even though the holidays are coming up soon, you’re more focused on work than partying or spending time with family. Hopefully, the long-term payoff will be worth whatever you have to sacrifice in the short term.


A magical trine between romantic Venus, your home planet, and illusion-filled Neptune on December 5 can be a wonderful, dreamy time. You’re caught between fantasy and reality, and your mind is filled with visions of what life would be like if you were with the perfect lover or won the lottery. Dream big, Libra!

Venus moves into daring Sagittarius on the fifteenth, so for the next couple weeks you’re ready to take some pretty big risks in your romance and finance sectors. Acting on the spur of the moment might be exciting now, but the consequences of your spontaneous actions might not be known for some time. Enjoy your adventures while they last!

The sun enters responsible Capricorn on December 21, welcoming in a month of hard work and firm commitments. This is also the winter solstice, aka the darkest day of the year, so try to work fast to get things done. Your focus now is on your career and community, but your loved ones need attention, too.

The full moon in emotional Cancer arrives on the twenty-ninth, urging you to go wherever the feminine tide takes you. you’re surrounded by positive female energy now, so really listen to advice from the women in your life. An elderly mom, grandmother, neighbor, or co-worker has incredible wisdom.


All bets are off when the sun trines your co-ruler Mars while in fiery Aries on December 10. Your power reaches new heights now as your confidence grows. Is there anyone who can resist your subtle magnetism? Probably not. Use this to get what you want before the magical energy from this positive aspect wears off.

Healing Chiron goes direct while in self-assured Aries on the fifteenth, at which point you will be able to reclaim some of the power you feel you’ve lost in the past. How long have you lived with this deep hurt, Scorpio? The deeper it is, the longer it will take to recover. 

The sun enters serious Capricorn on December 21, putting your career at the top of your priority list. Do you want a raise? A promotion? Are you still looking for that perfect company or position? Set a detailed goal now with an obtainable deadline. Expect to make serious progress on this goal within the month.

There’s an emotional full moon in Cancer on the twenty-ninth that puts you in the mood to nurture the people around you. If you’re a parent, hold your children close. If you want to become a parent, this is a good time to conceive or look into adoption alternatives. And as always, take good care of yourself so you can better take care of others


Chatty Mercury enters your outspoken sign on December 1, so for most of the month you’re outgoing, friendly, and verbally adventurous. You love to talk to strangers in line at the store or start up random conversations with people on social media. The more open your mind is, the more you learn. And expanding your mind via communicating with others is one of your favorite things now.

There’s also a new moon and solar eclipse in your fiery sign on the fourteenth, putting you in the path of all kinds of new ideas. This is a great time to join a brain trust or think tank, run for a position in community politics, or sign up to be an online reviewer to offer your opinion on a broad range of topics. As good as you are at starting things now, however, you’re not so great at finishing them!

Money-focused Venus also partners with your enthusiastic sign the next day, so the next three weeks will be a great time to rearrange some of your financial holdings. Take risks. Be bold. 

Lucky Jupiter, your ruler, enters progressive Aquarius on December 19, so a lot of your good fortune will be linked to your willingness to try new things, especially when it comes to technology. Expect some very good karma coming your way!


The combination of Mercury and outspoken Sagittarius starting on December 1 can help you both personally and professionally. You aren’t afraid to say how you truly feel, and you have some very interesting opinions about a broad range of topics. You love to learn as part of the communication process, so you’re more open to other people’s perspectives now as well.

Chiron goes direct in powerful Aries on the fifteenth, so prepare yourself to do some heavy soul searching. There is big potential for personal growth now if you’re willing to face your demons, Capricorn. The prospect of confronting painful memories isn’t fun, but don’t let that stop you from taking the first step now. Do it today, with Chiron as your biggest cheerleader.

The sun partners with your businesslike sign on December 21, so it’s time to get serious. With the holidays right around the corner, this is your chance to get a lot of things crossed off your to-do list so you can relax and enjoy yourself in the coming weeks. Don’t be too proud to ask for help if you need it.

There’s a conjunction between Jupiter and your home planet Saturn in individualistic Aquarius on the twenty-first as well, which is one of the most important aspects of the year. The potential for transformation is huge now. Look for major changes across the board.


You love talking to people even more than usual when Mercury moves into outgoing Sagittarius on December 1. You love controversial topics, and taboo discussions delight you. Is there anything you won’t discuss? Its very hard to offend you for the next few weeks as you attempt to expand your mind!

When expansive Jupiter leaves strict Capricorn for your more rebellious sign on the nineteenth, you should begin to see new opportunities for valuable personal growth. You aren’t afraid to express who you truly are or embrace others who are “weird” or “odd.” Actually, the stranger people are now, the more attracted you are to them.

There’s a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 that occurs at the same time the sun moves into Capricorn and we experience the winter solstice. This conjunction, with both planets in your unique sign, can temper any resistance you might be feeling. Let progress and transformation wash over you like a much-needed shower that can cleanse you of your prejudices and other fears or types of hate.

And when the Cancer full moon arrives on the twenty-ninth, embrace its nurturing power. Take special care of the women in your life who have helped make you the person you are today. The female energy surrounding you feels warm and reassuring.


When Mercury leaves secretive Scorpio and enters outgoing Sagittarius on December 1, you can let loose a little. You aren’t as concerned about what other people think of what you have to say now, which is pretty freeing. Use this opportunity to learn more about other people than you would normally.

A trine between Venus and your home planet Neptune on the fifth lets you enjoy your sexy daydreams, but it can be disappointing when things don’t work out in real life the way you pictured them in your head. That’s the downside of living in a fantasy world, Pisces. It’s fun while it lasts, but it never lasts.

Money-focused Venus joins Mercury by pairing up with daring Sagittarius on December 15, encouraging you to take more financial risks than you normally might. If a good business opportunity crosses your path, consider investing. Anything involving higher education, philosophy, or adventure should be a winner!

The moon is full in fellow water sign Cancer on the twenty-ninth, ending the month and year on an emotional note. You’ll feel closest to the females in your life now and will want to nurture them the way they nurtured you. Find a way to honor a woman who has been extremely important in your life.

Published in Volume 75, Number 12 of The Uniter (December 3, 2020)

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