It’s Scorpio season!


While things in your personal life are getting lighter and brighter right now, you can expect things to get hot and heavy in the business aspects of your day. This may not be an easy day in terms of negotiating or making a power play, but whatever trials you go through will teach you some invaluable lessons! If you can, reschedule a meeting that's hogging your day. You need more free time to play with. It will be invaluable in helping you keep a clear head.


It's one thing to follow your mood, but it's quite another to be moody. People have little patience for folks whose personalities seem to change from moment to moment. It doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Do whatever it takes to balance your mindset today. It's important to be aware that you're being evaluated for how well you work with others. And in order to show yourself in the best possible light, you have to put a lid on any outbursts.


Conserving your energy is strongly advised today. Not only will you enjoy taking things at a slower pace, you'll start noticing things you never saw before. There are new ideas and new people all around you, and unless you're standing almost perfectly still, you may not be able to take advantage of the opportunity to really explore. Today, just let the world swirl around you while you sit and watch what it does. You'll learn some fun new things about life and yourself.


Sometimes, trying to follow your bliss can cause you to get pretty lost! It's hard to know which opportunities to say yes to and which to run away from. Try as you might to pick correctly, you could make a mistake, especially since most of the time your options aren't simply black and white. They have their own pros and cons. Today, all you need to remember is that you shouldn't get involved with stuff you're unsure of! Play it safe and don't leap before you look!


Don't get frustrated if your matchmaking efforts haven't gone the way you want. You can't force feelings that don't exist. If you let your ego get caught up in the lives of other people, you're really asking for trouble. It's wonderful that you want the people you care about to be happy, but you aren't in charge of their happiness. They are. Step back and let them find their own way. You found yours, and rest assured that they'll find theirs.


People in your world could have a tough time agreeing on the right way to go about doing things and will be looking to you for a solution. If you listen to all of their differing ideas with an open mind, you'll be able to pull out a suggestion or two that will make everyone happy. You're the great peacemaker right now, and your leadership skills are valued by everyone. Is it time to take on a more formal leadership role? The universe definitely thinks so.


Your five-year plan is all set and you're pretty much on schedule, so there's nothing to worry about there. Today, you bring your focus back to the more immediate future. What are you doing in the next few months? Got anything big planned? If not, then cook something up with your partner or best friend. A road trip may be in order if it's possible. If you start setting aside some money now, you'll have enough to travel in style and splurge on a luxury experience.


Gauging how other people react is crucial today. It will save you headaches, heartaches, and frustration. Fortunately, you've always been very skilled at trusting your intuition. So when the drama around you gets too intense, you'll know when to step away and be by yourself. The last thing you need to be is a bit player in someone else's soap opera of a life. Let them handle the mess on their own. You didn't create it, so you shouldn't have to help clean it up.


Right now in your life it might seem like everyone knows exactly what you should do next, and they aren't afraid to tell you! Try not to get too annoyed with these well-intentioned folks. They really do have your best interests at heart. They just don't realize that what they have to tell you is either something you've already figured out or something that won't help you. Don't try to figure out why they're bothering to speak up. Just smile and listen.


Be careful with how you wield the power you're given today. It isn't something you can use without thinking just to boost your ego or serve up some just desserts to someone who's done you wrong. If you need to bring together different people, don't just push them into groups. Challenge them to form their own teams for their own reasons. If you trust people more, they'll trust you more. This applies to co-workers, friends, and even relatives.


You can make some great connections today. In virtually any context, you can see how people fit together better than anyone else can. Go ahead and introduce them. Make the conversation start. This will not only make you feel like you've accomplished something important, but being socially useful like this could turn you on to a whole new career idea. There is money to be made in helping people connect.


You're really eager to start something new right now, but today isn't the right time for forward movement. When it comes to relationships, travel plans, career path, or even a health plan, you'd be better off waiting. Keep things where they are right now, because things are where they need to be. Don't sign any legal documents or invest any large sums of money. Ride things out for a few more days and wait until you get a sign from the universe that it's time to move on once again.

Published in Volume 75, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 19, 2020)

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