It’s Scorpio season!


Your love life is starting to generate some real heat! Make sure that while you're conversing with all those prospects that you keep things diverse. Save as much time for culture as you save for fun or intellectual pursuits. You need to keep feeding your mind during your free time, it can't all be about instant gratification. Museums, galleries, lectures, whether virtual or in person, and even quiet reading time are important, too.


A friendship may be starting to feel one-sided. Are you giving too much or are they? It's time to take stock of the balance of power and ask yourself if having constant power struggles is really the way you want to live your life with this person. One person is probably sacrificing too much for the sake of keeping things peaceful. But the resentment is there, and it is growing. It's time to get it all out in the open. Work out a compromise.


There is a new, fresh, and light kind of energy coming into your life. It will be just what you need to get through a few heavy days. Sunshine outside won't be any match for the sunshine in your heart. You've feeling more connected to the people you love and able to rise above any pettiness or drama that might erupt around you. This healthy perspective can help you prioritize things. You'll finally make that tough decision you've been mulling over.


It might seem like one of your friends is getting a bit too big for their britches, but so what? Sure, they might be showing off a little too much for a little too long, but they deserve some praise for what they have accomplished. Don't let their swollen pride be an excuse for you not to recognize just how well they've done. Be sure to let them know that you're proud of them. It won't cost you anything, and it will mean a lot to them.


You've been working hard and you deserve some time off. You might not be able to take a full-blown vacation, or even leave town, but that doesn't mean you can't give your brain a break. If you can, take a day or two off. If you can't, steal an hour or two here and there and indulge in your favorite hobby, read a good book, or watch a great movie. Whatever you do, don't think about work! Take a complete break and you'll come back refreshed and reinvigorated.


You are feeling more flexible than ever in your mind and your body! This is a great day to explore a new physical exercise, like Pilates or tae kwan do or even salsa dancing! Your quick mind will enable you to get the hang of it in no time, and you just might find the next great obsession in your life. Integrating new and different things will be a total snap for you today, so it's a great day to start a new job or meet someone new.


Are you getting your hopes up too high with a new opportunity? Don't give the possibility a second thought. There is no such thing as being too hopeful right now because the good energy you're feeling is good on its own. Even if everything falls through and the worst-case scenario comes to fruition, you'll still be better off for having let yourself believe in the best. Second- guessing your feelings is silly. Just feel what you feel and don't worry about what may or may not happen.


You could benefit more from conflict and challenge than you do from collaboration and agreement today. Don't worry if you feel like making some waves. Your contrary attitude is just what you need to make the most out of this unusual day. Enjoy any turmoil and add your voice to the fray. You certainly shouldn't create arguments just for the sake of it, but you shouldn't be overly afraid of getting people miffed about what you have to say.


The conflict that has been brewing between you and another is going to start to fade today, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy being friends again. You might not know why or how the temperature has changed, but you'll be grateful that things are cool again. Your goodwill toward this person never really went away, and welcoming it back into the relationship feels as comfortable as putting on a favorite pair of slippers.


Ignore the good manners you were taught in grade school. Sharing isn't necessarily a good thing after all, at least not right now. If you share your resources in your typically generous way, you're going to end up with the short end of the stick. People could be pushy today, so if you give someone an inch, they most certainly will try to take a mile. Try not to offer in the first place


You have a lot more control over today's events than you think you do, and it's time to flex your muscle a bit. Not only will it help you to victory in an entertaining power struggle, it will give your ego a nice big boost. Don't be contrary just for its own sake, though. Picking a fight isn't your style. Just voice your opinions and desires diplomatically. People are sure to help you take things exactly where you want them to go.


If you're currently watching what you eat, you can expect some rewarding news to come your way today. Your progress has been a bit more significant than you thought! This is good news, but celebrate with something other than food! In other aspects of your life, a needy friend could reach out again for your help. Even if you're getting tired of coming to their rescue, lend an ear. Helping them could entitle you to a nifty reward.

Published in Volume 75, Number 09 of The Uniter (November 12, 2020)

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