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Photo by Anastasia Chipelski

While it’s a tough environment for small independent publications, there are still many who manage to keep themselves in print. At nearly 30 years old, Stylus magazine is now Manitoba’s only music magazine, and they publish every second month.

“CKUW has worked in Stylus into their budget and are very committed to keeping it going for as long as possible,” CKUW publishing and promotions director Gil Carroll says.

Carroll sees Stylus as a hub for writers and photographers to share their love of music and to build experience. It also serves as an entry point to the local music scene, he says.

“If you’re not a musician, or you’re not friends with someone in a band, (the music scene) can be less accessible, so Stylus is a good entry point there for some people,” Carroll says.

“We really like the idea of just working together as a community to cover as much cool stuff as possible, and stuff that you’re not gonna find written about in other publications, not just in Winnipeg, but anywhere.”

Carroll says that while they’d like to expand the publication schedule, the costs of printing are a barrier. In the meantime, they’re focusing on getting more content online.

While Stylus focuses on local bands, they’ll also cover larger Canadian or American acts if there’s a local angle, like a show in town. Carroll encourages hometown acts to let them know about shows, so they can send writers and photographers out to cover live music, and for those considering writing to give it a go.

“We are always looking for new volunteers,” Carroll says. “We know that it can always get bigger and better, the more people that get involved, and so I definitely encourage that.”

Pick up Stylus on stands around campus or scroll through their content at ckuw.ca/stylus

Published in Volume 72, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 30, 2017)

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