Anastasia Chipelski

  • Real Love Summer Fest

    While they do boast one local favourite as a headliner (Begonia), the co-artistic directors of Real Love Summer Fest are focusing on bringing “out-of-the-box artists” to the small festival in Teulon, Man.

  • Summer festivals and sober joy

    Over the last year, I’ve been contemplating the distance between not drinking and being sober, and that gap shows up even more prominently when it comes to summer activities, especially festivals.

  • We have fun here

    For a weekly paper, when we’re putting together an issue that will be out in the world for a full three months, it’s a big deal! The scope is wide, and we have a lot to tell you.

  • Fractures and bridges

    This year’s capstone issue, the Urban Issue, has a theme of Fractured City. 

  • The last chapter

    This is it, readers – the final chapter of this year’s regularly scheduled Uniter. 

  • Make/break the rules

    Many of the pieces you would usually find in The Uniter are, by most definitions, on the short side.

  • We’re melting!

    To be clear, the paper itself isn’t melting.

  • The write season

    While The Uniter hits newsstands every week, there’s quite a bit that goes on behind the scenes to make each issue.

  • Arts briefs

    Decolonizing Sound // Lens-based book sale // Strut for Shoal // Meet your music maker // So long, Strong Badger // Free animated shorts program

  • Marching on

    This issue straddles the end of February and beginning of March, a transition from deep winter to end-winter.

  • Theatre talks

    This Sunday, Feb. 3, we’re grateful to host another amazing cultural producer as part of the Uniter Speaker Series. Darla Contois will join us at the West End Cultural Centre for an afternoon conversation.

  • Write through january

    As this issue hits the stands, we’ll be in the tail end of January, a dark, cold month in Winnipeg.

  • Your new favourite band(s)

    Over the next week, voting is open for this year’s Uniter Fiver contest. The top five finalists this year – Baseball Hero, Dinner Club, House Handshake, Jamboree and Mister K – were chosen from among this year’s open call to bands.

  • Back in action(ish)

    By now, it might be starting to sink in that it really is January. It really is a new year. And we really are back to whatever routines that entails … kind of.

  • Favourite Local Winter Activity

    1. Skating
    2. Staying inside
    3. Festival du Voyageur

  • Favourite Local Date Activity

    1. Go for a walk
    2. Eat food together
    3. TIE: Drink booze / See a movie

  • Favourite Local Gathering Place

    1. The Forks
    2. Old Market Square
    3. Portage and Main

  • Favourite Local Achiever Under 30

    1.    Tie: Spencer Adamus / Johanna Seier
    2.    Chloe Chafe

  • Favourite Local Performance

    1. The Laramie Project
    2. Living Hour at RTMF
    3. Disraeli Dreamers EP release

  • Celebrating 30

    This week’s issue is a special one, though its theme and format has shifted throughout the years.

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