We have fun here

For a weekly paper, when we’re putting together an issue that will be out in the world for a full three months, it’s a big deal! The scope is wide, and we have a lot to tell you.

Beyond all of this amazing festival content, I want to also share that we are hiring for some positions in the fall. Some of our staff are moving on to new things, and we’ve also created some new positions and shifted others around.

We have seven editorial and writing positions open – features editor, city editor, comments editor, features reporter, arts and culture reporter, campus reporter and columnist – and the full descriptions are up on the website: uniter.ca/jobs. If you’re wondering whether this would be right for you, apply!

The Uniter is a learning paper, and it’s my job as managing editor to facilitate opportunities so that even if people only work here for a year, they come out of the experience having gained a new set of skills.

Our editors learn as they edit and benefit from peer mentorship, as well as periodic workshop opportunities. Our writers get the benefit of the editors’ learning and pick up new skills as they go, too.

The fall may seem like it’s far away, but if you take advantage of some of the 100+ fun festivals listed in this issue, it’s bound to fly by. So if you’d like to set something up for the fall, whether you’re starting university, returning to class after a break, are an alumnus or university was never your thing, I’d invite you to read, share and apply for these positions.

We get to write about a lot of fun things, and sometimes the writing itself is a good time as well. But what really makes this paper great are all the people who come together to make it. Could it be you?

– Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 73, Number 25 of The Uniter (May 30, 2019)

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