Volume 72, Number 12

Published November 30, 2017

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  • Your very own 30

    This issue is for you, and by you, according to readers’ votes.

  • Favourite local writer

    1. Frances Koncan
    2. Melissa Martin
    3. TIE: Gislina Paterson/Bartley Kives

  • Favourite local independant publication

    1. Stylus
    2. Red Rising Magazine
    3. TIE: Winnipeg Free Press/Dear Journal 

  • Favourite new local album

    1. Begonia, Lady in Mind
    2. Propaghandi, Victory Lap
    3. TIE: Tunic, Boss/Slow Spirit, Unnatured

  • Favourite local performance

    1. Yes We Mystic and the Earthly Paradise
    Hon. Mentions: Beck at Insterstellar Rodeo, John K and Winter Wheat at Folk Fest, Propagandhi at the Garrick, Rachelle Bourget’s “After the Cause”

  • Favourite local DJ

    1. Mama Cutsworth
    2. DJ Co-op
    3. DJ Louie Lovebird

  • Favourite local radio show or podcast

    1. Witchpolice Radio
    2. The Tonic
    3. TIE: Bury the Lede / Space Cadet (CKUW) / Winnipeg Music Project (UMFM)

  • Favourite local achiever under 30

    1. Chloe Chafe
    2. TIE: Joy Balmana / Michael Barkman

  • Favourite public art piece

    1. Star Blanket, Kenneth Lavallee
    2. En Masse
    3. Emptyful

  • Favourite local gallery or artist centre

    1. Winnipeg Art Gallery 
    2. aceart.
    3. MAWA

  • Favourite local visual artist

    1. Gabrielle Funk
    2. Matea Radic
    3. TIE: Takashi Iwasaki / Colby Richardson

  • Favourite local photographer

    1. Adam Kelly
    2. TIE: Jen Doerksen / Callie Lugosi 
    3. Joey Senft

  • Favourite local dancer

    1. Jill Groening
    2. Ella Steele
    3. Rachelle Bourget

  • Favourite local comedian

    1. Spencer Adamus
    2. Alex Ateah
    3. Angie St Mars

  • Favourite local social media presence

    1. Nardcity Winnipeg
    2. Coat check
    3. TIE: Alex Ateah, Jodie Layne, Michelle Panting

  • Favourite local filmmaker

    1. Solmund MacPherson
    2. TIE: Sonya Ballantyne / Milos Mitrovic / BJ Verot

  • Favourite U of W course

    1. Intro to film with Howard Curle
    Editor’s note: The responses to this category were so incredibly varied that there were no other couses that collected enough votes for 2nd and 3rd place.

  • Favourite local community group

    1. Bear Clan Patrol
    2. TIE: Art City / Facist Free Treat 1
    3. QPOC Winnipeg

  • Favourite local activist

    1. TIE: Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie / Michael Champagne
    2. Uzoma Chioma
    Honourable Mentions: Riley McMurray / Mitchell van Ineveld / Annie Beach

  • Favourite political moment

    1. Winnipeg Diversity Rally Against Hate
    2. Wab Kinew's election / discussion of his domestic violence charges
    3. TIE: Environmental protesters at Justin Trudeau's town hall / Reopening of Portage and Main

  • Favourite local politician

    1. Robert Falcon-Ouellette
    2. Wab Kinew 
    3. Brian Bowman
    Honourable mentions: Jenny Gerbasi, Nahanni Fontaine

  • Favourite local achiever over 60

    Well, about that...

  • Favourite local place to eat & new independent business

    1. Corticelli (AKA Langside Grocery)
    Favourite new independent business
    2. Have a Nice Day 3. Shop Take Care
    2. Clementine 3. Forth

  • Favourite local date activity

    1. Go out for food
    2. Drinks (at home, or out somewhere)
    3. Go to a movie or watch Netflix

  • Favourite local place to go that no longer exists

    1. Lo Pub
    2. Royal Albert Arms Hotel Bar
    3. Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse

  • Favourite local chef

    1. Max Frank, Have a Nice Day
    2. Adam Donnelly, Segovia / Mandel Hitzer, deer + almond
    3. Ben Kramer, custom catering

  • Favourite local baker

    1. Suzanne Gessler, The Pennyloaf Bakery
    2. Amanda Kinden, Oh Doughnuts
    3. Jenna Rae, Jenna Rae Cakes

  • Favourite local gathering place

    1. The Forks
    2. The Good Will Social Club
    3. Old Market Square

  • Favourite local winter activity

    1. Skating The Forks river trail
    2. Walking (yes, just walking in general)
    3. TIE: Festival du Voyageur, sleeping, drinking, tobogganing

  • Favourite local athlete

    1. Natasha O’Reilly
    Honourable mentions: Andrew Harris, Jonathan Toews

  • Uniter 30 outtakes

    In tallying the votes for this issue, one of the greatest joys and greatest challenges is going through all the reader submissions

  • Halfway to somewhere

    It’s the end of November, and if you are as busy as I am, this time of year will be characterized by long hours spent studying in tucked-away corners of the library or days spent staring blankly into the dull glow of a computer screen.

  • Friendship, Shock out of Season

    This is yet another beautiful release from Chicago-based Orindal Records.

  • TOBA

    A comic by Matthew Dyck.

  • Un-Supermarket

    A comic by Sari Habiluk.