Friendship, Shock out of Season

Orindal Records

This is yet another beautiful release from Chicago-based Orindal Records.

Like several other Orindal releases, Friendship’s Shock out of Season is full of nostalgia, warm tones and effortlessly poetic lyrics.

Dan Wriggins delivers a clever and deadpan vocal performance throughout the album, complemented with galloping glittery guitar, pretty pedal-steel and synths that create a spacious and dark backdrop for Wriggins’ vocal excellence.

The album is filled with lyrics like “God, it’s so hard to know if anything we do makes any little difference.” Wriggins later uses unique storytelling to illustrate blossoming and failed relationships, “I was weaving on my loom, a blanket for my room, but it got complicated … whether you are old or young, you gotta tell someone, they are appreciated.” 

Wriggins is witty and earnest throughout and although he illustrates the frustrations of relationships, the album still makes the listener feel hopeful. 

Shock out of Season has so much authentic atmosphere, and this reviewer can’t wait to hear more.

- Hazel Flowers

Published in Volume 72, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 30, 2017)

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