• Taco Soup with Cheesy Taquitos

    This recipe is easy, delicious, and you can use basically whatever you have in your fridge to make it! It can be made vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian and modified for any diet.

  • Something brewing in Wolseley

    Local brewery Wolseley Kombucha opened their storefront at 749 Wall St. on Jan. 1, joining Prism Kombucha as the only commercial kombucha breweries in town. Kombucha is a fermented drink touted for its many health benefits and made from caffeinated tea with the help of a SCOBY, which is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

  • Bureaucratic maze threatens Trappist cheesemaking tradition

    Dustin Peltier and Rachel Isaak run local cheesemaking business Loaf and Honey, and the duo says the Manitoba Government has cost them tens of thousands of dollars trying to conform to “inconsistent regulations” for artisanal, unpasteurized cheese.

  • Good vibes at the Good Lands Cafe

    The café’s name and atmosphere is inspired by a dear family member. “My grandmother loved to garden. She had an awesome garden. I wanted something to remember my grandmother but also something positive,” Hozaima says. 

  • The power of a home-cooked meal

    Food preparation and production is arguably as important as the ingredients used.

  • Feeding Diaspora

    I first became enthralled with the concept of leaving traces in public space when Chilean-Canadian ceramics artist Monica Martinez told me about her time in art school.

  • Favourite Local Place to Eat

    1.    Roughage Eatery (126 Sherbrook st.)
    2.    Little Sister Coffee Maker (470 River Ave. / 539 Osborne St.)
    3.    Four-way tie

  • Favourite Local Date Activity

    1.    Go out for (or make your own) food

    2.    Go to the movies

    3.    Skate or walk the River Trail

  • Favourite Local Chef

    1.    Renée Girard (Harth Mozza and Wine Bar)
    2.     Ana Damaskin (Capital Grill & Bar)
    3.     Chris Gama (Clementine) / Christa Bruneau-Guenther (Feast) / Pamela Kirkpatrick (Forth) (tie)

  • Favourite Local Baker

    1.    Cora Wiens (Eadha Bread)
    2.    Quinn McMurray (Oma's Bakery) / Suzanne Gessler (Pennyloaf Bakery) / Oh Doughnuts (tie)

  • Future of feasting

    On Nov. 22, the Wilderness Committee hosts its annual Climate Fall Supper. 

  • Coffee brews and tap dance shoes

    Readers might recognize cohabitating partners Jordan Cayer and Ella Steele from the Winnipeg stage.

  • Perogies are a portal

    For folks growing up in diasporic communities, food can be as important as language.

  • Food from a different angle

    What comes to mind when you think of food?

  • Carbon-negative consumption

    Cultural awareness surrounding food security and its relation to climate is growing, and some Manitoba farmers are choosing to make use of agricultural methods that provide an actively positive impact on their land and animals, instead of just maintaining the status quo.

  • What’s your cup of tea?

    For many communities, tea is much more than a simple drink. It is an opportunity to relax, spend time with family and loved ones and to converse and share ideas.

  • Spaced out?

    Earlier this year, Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub and Starbucks, located in the AnX building on the University of Winnipeg (U of W) campus, closed their doors

  • UWSA Foodbank offers crucial services

    With Thanksgiving approaching, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) Foodbank plays a key role in the lives of many members of the University of Winnipeg (U of W) community.

  • The end of farmers’ market season

    The availability of fresh, local produce during the summer months is one of Winnipeg’s greatest assets. 

  • Blending food, community and culture

    Large ethno-cultural events such as Folkarama provide people with an opportunity to interact with different cultures, but sometimes it can be the small and sweet (and savoury, in this case) events that create a lasting impact.

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