• An abundance of bagels

    Winnipeg goes from zero to 3 specialty bagel shops in less than a year

  • Roasted miso Brussels sprouts and butternut squash with tahini sauce

    Warm, cozy, comfort food!

  • Festival du Voyageur goes virtual

    Programming includes workshops and eight days of free online concerts

  • Safe shopping, locally

    Local businesses offering pickup and delivery for all your pantry needs

  • Historically modern

    Nearly a century ago, Modern Electric Lunch was Winnipeg’s first restaurant with electric refrigeration. A new restaurant with the same name has opened in the same space.

  • Sparkle spice cookies

    An illustration and recipe by Talia Steele

  • Favourite local place to eat

    Favourite local place to eat

     1. Juneberry
    2. Never Better Coffee
    3. Roughage Eatery / Sous Sol (tie)

  • Favourite local establishment that no longer exists

    Favourite local establishment that no longer exists

    1. Segovia Tapas Bar
    2. Tiny Feast
    3. Mondragon /  Music Trader (tie)

  • Favourite date activity

    Favorite date activity

    1. Cooking or eating together
    2. Making out / Cocktails (tie)
    3. Going to the movies

  • Lentil shepherd’s pie

    An illustration and recipe by Talia Steele

  • You are what you eat

    Personal chef gives insight into new cooking norms

  • City of food (in)security

    Amid COVID-19, more Winnipeggers struggle to afford their next meal

  • Curry Macaroni

    Do you like curry? Do you like macaroni? Well then you're in luck, because this recipe has both of those things, and it is - *chef's kiss* - very good.

  • Delivering on yum

    Pandemic provides new opportunities for young entrepreneurs

  • Meet your meat

    Local meat farmers provide assurance of ethical farming

  • Eating fresh when it’s freezing

    In our cold northern climate, getting fresh, local produce in the winter can be a challenge, especially in the downtown area.

  • Fluffy “spooky” pancakes

    What makes these pancakes spooky is eating them in “spooky season,” of course! Put the batter in Halloween-y cookie cutters if you have them.

  • Nacho stovetop popcorn

    A crunchy, satisfying snack (or lunch or dinner, no judgments here) that is vegan and gluten-friendly.

  • Feeding diaspora

    I immediately swoon at the love, lineage, healing and pleasure that undertones writing and art by People of Colour involving food. Food and love are both so potent. They are embodied experiences marked by longing, sustenance, nourishment, orientation and legacy.

  • Taco Soup with Cheesy Taquitos

    This recipe is easy, delicious, and you can use basically whatever you have in your fridge to make it! It can be made vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian and modified for any diet.

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