• Feed the stomach and the soul

    Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre will run Indigenous Farming on the Prairies: Stew & Stories on March 23.

  • Food festival features new delights and old favourites

    The sixth-annual LoveLocalMB event, which showcases local Manitoban food and beverages, will take place on March 2.

  • A community with a sour(dough) heart

    Eadha Bread will host a Valentine’s Sourdough for Queers workshop on Feb. 14.

  • Feeding diaspora

    Food is a multi-sensory experience that can transport us elsewhere.

  • Feeding Diaspora

    I used to think that to know home was to learn my mother’s hands - her repertoire of creation forever connected to homeland.

  • Nice day, new menu

    Recent changes have been made to downtown Winnipeg restaurant Have a Nice Day. On Feb. 26, a menu overhaul was made overnight.

  • The search for authentic Mexican food

    When Carlos Bosque, owner and operator of Sargent Taco Shop, arrived in Winnipeg 13 years ago, he visited every place that served Mexican cuisine in search of the flavours he grew up with

  • Know your scoby

    Kombucha has existed for hundreds of years, yet it is only just gaining popularity in Winnipeg. The strong, sweet tea is fermented by a bacterial culture called a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, affectionately known by its cute acronym, SCOBY.

  • Reduce waste and save on groceries

    Winnipeggers aren’t great at reusing their kitchen scraps.

  • The scoop on vegan cheez

    “Nut cheese” isn’t what it sounds like. Created by fermenting a blend of nuts, grains and spices, the product is a homemade alternative to store-bought vegan cheese.

  • Arts Briefs

    Art City clay on display // More Indigenous art at the WAG // Circle of Life Thunderbird House Fundraiser // Vegan SMACDOWN // JJ Neepin selected for apprenticeship // Wall-to-Wall presents Hotel Room

  • Kleefeld Honey Festival

    Aug. 11 to 13 // Where honey meets chili

  • Folklorama

    Aug. 6 to 19 //  Building community, one pavilion at a time

  • Restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions

    Going out to eat can be a complicated experience for those with dietary restrictions. How does Winnipeg’s restaurant culture fare when it comes to accommodating allergies and alternative lifestyles?

  • Food policy for thought

    Winnipeg is getting a glance at what a food policy council will look like for the city.

  • The pros and cons of local alcohol delivery

    Shrugging Doctor Brewing Company, a new alcohol delivery service which launched Jan. 27, is hoping to reshape the way people in Winnipeg obtain their booze.

  • Cutting back on refined sugars

    Even those who prefer savoury treats may find sugar in their favourite pre-packaged snacks, but consumers are seeking out other ways to indulge cravings.

  • More choice for varied taste at The Good Will

    The Good Will Social Club was once divided into the bar side and the pizza side. Have a Nice Day, the new eatery, promises to be a more cohesive space with options as diverse as its clientele.

  • Popularity of tea is growing

    Tea is hot, and local shops are opening all over town to meet the demand.

  • Favourite Local place to eat

    1. Stella’s Cafe & Bakery
    2. Tallest Poppy
    3. Deer + Almond

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