Volume 70, Number 23

Published March 10, 2016

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  • Brighter days

    We’ve finally landed in that awkward phase of spring that’s kind of like a pre-teen growth spurt. Winter boots may feel heavy, but we haven’t quite grown into sandal weather yet.

  • Labours of love

    The true face of the starving artist

  • Water talks

    The Uniter Speakers Series: Water and Indigenous Women's Wisdom

  • Freda Huson

    The Uniter Speakers Series: Water and Indigenous Women's Wisdom

  • Chickadee Richard

    The Uniter Speakers Series: Water and Indigenous Women's Wisdom

  • Whose House? Anthony and Andrew’s house

    The downtown home of Andrew Eastman and Anthony Nelson is clearly a space inhabited by two people who live and breathe art. 

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Manitoba Music in Austin // The Windys // Another Night Out // Myth of the Ostrich // Federal Lights // Empty Train

  • Dropping uni for the mixtape

    Winnipeg rapper releasing second EP

  • Big Shiny nostalgia

    Indulge in ’90s hits done local

  • Art class Re:Union

    Fine Arts grads exhibit together

  • Destroyer

    Poison Season

  • Kevin Gates


  • Where to Invade Next

    Opens in Winnipeg March 11 

  • Fun and games

    Locals toss their pope hats into the ring

  • In with the old

    The rising popularity of antiques

  • Small Talk

    If a value falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it exist?

  • Streeter

    "Temperatures are forecast to hit the double-digits this weekend. What are you planning to celebrate the warmer weather?"

  • News briefs

    Heritage classic // Emotional letter // Liberal moves // Grass routes // Citizen Trudeau // Starbucks service

  • A bill of one’s own

    Local MP seeks citizens’ ideas for legislation

  • Corydon Osborne area plan

    Plan aims to densify neighbourhood, improve streetscapes and ease parking

  • Old computers, new life

    Computer Refurb Festival offers deals and information

  • Plan your future

    The U of W launches a new student planning tool

  • The PROFile

    Dr. Candida Rifkind

  • Changing roles

    U of W faculty and staff showcase their talents in support of U of W General Scholarship Fund

  • Manitoba’s deficit is political

    A lack of inspiring leadership means democracy needs an overhaul

  • Slowing down the ‘child apprehension machine’

    Indigenous leaders call for an update of CFS

  • Fashion Streeter

    Madison and Larissa - “I like to be comfortable.” // “I wear lots of dark colours, button-up shirts.”

  • Un-Supermarket

    Un-Supermarket follows the whimsical ups and downs of three jaded cashiers at their local grocery store. Ever wonder what your average retail worker is really thinking? This dark comedy shines a light on some of the attitudes and truths associated with the industry. Though at times cynical, the characters have a sense of humour about their positions and the situations they face on a day to day basis. After all, cashiering is a monotonous job, sometimes you just have to make a joke and not take yourself so seriously... The main characters Val, Rick, and Tish sure don't!

  • The Creeps

    A feel-good comic about two unnamed characters and their delightful journeys through universally hilarious themes like hatred, misery, uncontrollable rage, disease and rash, delusion, agoraphobia, paranoia, jealousy, greed, bitterness, binge eating, slothfulness, and death, lots and lots of death; also, deformity, flatulence, boogers, nosebleeds, bowel movements, and the eating of unappetizing things.