Volume 70, Number 2

Published September 17, 2015

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  • We’re a learning paper

    When we introduce new volunteers to The Uniter, we often start by telling them that The Uniter is a learning paper. What does that mean?

  • Winnipeg’s comedy renaissance

    Winnipeg is known for a lot of things. Well, maybe a small handful, most of them weather-related, and comedy hasn’t always been one of them. 

    Yet Winnipeg is currently several years deep into a bona fide comedy renaissance. 

  • Whose House? Joseph’s House

    Not everyone goes into university knowing what they want to do. Joseph Kornelsen sure didn’t.

  • Arts and Culture Briefs

    Architectural tour // Bordamos Without Borders // Slim Twig returns // Winter fashion show // Winnipeg Design Festival

  • Wacky nostalgia

    While childless adults are not likely to be part of entertainer Al Simmon’s audience, many Winnipeggers grew up with his tunes and caught a few of his performances.

  • Anxiety at Graffiti Gallery

    Dany Reede’s paintings are anxiety and depression on canvas.

  • New moon rising

    Movement has never looked so fiercely intricate as it does in Gaile Petursson-Hiley’s new dance project Eclipse

  • Celebrating words

    Words surround us everywhere, everyday.

    This year, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Thin Air, celebrates words and the stories they tell.

  • Sean Nicholas Savage

    It is far easier to describe Sean Nicholas Savage’s 4th album, Bermuda Waterfall, by the images it conjures in the imagination, as opposed to what it sounds like. 

  • Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane was charged for possession of a firearm in the Spring of 2014, and isn’t getting released until early 2017. 

  • Pull up a seat

    Have an idea that will change Winnipeg’s urban design? Write it on a chair, sit in that chair and let’s talk.

  • Experiments in film

    It’s not unlike Winnipeggers to see something missing in the arts scene and decide to create it themselves.

    Before 2005, Jaimz Asmundson says there was no where in Winnipeg to see or show experimental film. There were many film festivals but none to show the type of work he did.

  • Well, That’s Garbage

    Every year when summer packs up and leaves us Canadians, it devastates us.

  • News Briefs

    River City Reasonfest // Arlington Bridge open house // Health Plan opt-outs due Sept 22 // Theology window unveiling // Merchants Corner development

  • Talk about ending racism

    Mayor Brian Bowman is taking steps towards reducing racism in Winnipeg.

  • Our sewers runneth over

    An upgrade to the sewer system in Winnipeg could possibly put a stop to floods during heavy rainfall and high footage of snowmelt. 

  • Seeking a swimming hole

    Swimmers of the West End are high and dry at the moment, but hopefully not for that much longer. 

  • Small choices to change the world

    You’d be hard-pressed to find someone from the past couple generations who didn’t grow up revering Jane Goodall. 

  • The PROFile - Mary LeMaître

    Mary LeMaître is an instructor in the University of Winnipeg’s French department. While she clearly has a passion for language, she’s interested in so much more.

  • A land of few lawyers

    While we’re bombarded with endless coverage of conflict, we don’t often read about how to build peace. On Sept. 15, professor Stephanie Stobbe released a book titled Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Laos: Perspective for Today’s World at the Canadian Mennonite University.

  • Required indigenous learning

    The proposed Indigenous Credit Requirement (ICR) may not directly affect current students, but they are being encouraged to weigh in on the debate.

  • Fear not, young arts student

    Forks go on the left. There. You can graduate! I’ll have $5,000 please, for all you ever needed to know, you young, naive, liberal arts major. Now go out into the wild blue yonder and do with your education what you will!

  • University: adulthood in training

    In September, polite small talk usually begins with, “Are you excited to get back to school?” Depending on who’s asking (and my caffeine intake that day), my answers vary from, “Oh yes, I always like heading back,” to an indecipherable burst of enthusiasm that ends with my stammering, “I super love books!”

  • Fashion Streeter

    Debora Adeosun “I like dressing casual but sporty. I like smiling and it compliments my dressing.”