Volume 68, Number 15

Published January 8, 2014

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  • Hibernating 101

    Despite human technological advances and our supremacy on the food chain, humans still don’t know how to handle -40 degree weather quite like Manitoban animals do.

  • When sad becomes S.A.D.

    Winter can be a hard time of month for many people. You may feel holed up in your home, with added stress from school or work, and experiencing little sunshine to give you that boost of warmth you need. While we almost all experience the winter blues at some point, some suffer from a more serious condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  • Get a job

    Being a student can be nerve wracking at times, but approaching graduation with no idea where your next paycheque will come from is even more unsettling. That’s why on January 16 students can take the opportunity to skip the door-to-door resume routine and meet over 80 potential employers in one place.

  • The first days of legal marijuana in the United States

    Colorado’s first official day of legal marijuana commerce has passed with great aplomb.

  • The call of the void

    Winnipeg at a surface level seems to be a self-deprecating place. The city is aware of its shortcomings - aware of the urban decay, homelessness, the number of individuals with functionally limiting mental illnesses being discharged from acute care centres with few supports to “no fixed address.”

  • Always late? There’s an app for that

    It’s nearly 1 am. I’m still juggling ideas for an article that should have been submitted hours ago. Leaving things to the last minute isn’t new for me. I thrive on it. 

  • Smooth shifting

    A city under the harsh, repressive blanket of a winter that saw New Year’s Eve colder than both the surface of the North Pole and the planet Mars is the ideal locale to mount a theatre production of Charlotte Brontë’s Gothic classic Jane Eyre.  

  • The man behind the music

    In 1969, three friends turned an early 1900s Winnipeg movie theatre into an art house cinema called Cinema 3. 

  • Was it something I said?

    Director Alan Zweig (Vinyl) has made a career out of being eccentric and inserting himself in with his documentary subjects, so it’s curious that in his latest film, When Jews Were Funny, he chooses to stay planted behind the camera in this talking head interview feature, despite being part of the conversation.

  • Drowning in sports drinks

    Jamie Graham never thought she would spend more than $750 at one time on Gatorade and soft drinks, but that’s what she did late last month.

  • The diary of a young girl (and her monster)

    On its Kickstarter page, the project Anne Frank-N-Stein is introduced to potential readers with panning shots of beautiful, twisted and grotesque imagery, all cheekily set to Frank Sinatra’s “The Tender Trap”. Local writer Ezra Nickel certainly knows how to get peoples’ attention.

  • Re-Animator

    After releasing Animator in 2012 through Paper Bag Records and seeing it long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize the following year, Montreal experimental indie band The Luyas is starting to think about taking its next step.

  • The Belle Comedians

    This five song EP from Fredericton quintet The Belle Comedians hosts some melancholy pop (“Rosy”), sparse baroque drones (“Margaret”) and dainty acoustic ditties (“Louise” - the disc’s true standout) and at only 19 minutes, it’s a nice taste of what this tightly warbled outfit has to offer.

  • Personal punk

    Winnipeg technical punk rock band Asado digitally released Equipped to Fail in May 2013, followed by a physical release in December, after spending two years putting the album together.

  • Dustin Bentall & The Smokes

    This is a big sounding country popper with guts, hooks and back up vocals to burn in all the right ways.

  • The Pack A.D.

    This Vancouver duo has delivered a shocking, heavy and full sound on its fifth proper LP and though it’s not a far cry from the sounds made on 2010’s We Kill Computers or 2011’s Unpersons, it is slightly different and continues the trend of this great band getting better with each release.

  • Student Dispatch with Bilan Arte and Peyton Veitch

    Low tuition fees and a high-quality post-secondary education are often framed as an either-or scenario. The argument goes that we can either have low fees and low quality, or high fees and high quality.

  • Whose House? Doug’s house.

    Video production and music are two of Doug Darling’s favourite things.