Volume 66, Number 9

Published October 26, 2011

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  • Let’s face it: The Jets suck

    Hi gang! As you all know I normally tend stay away from controversial issues, but this week I have something to say that’s been building up for a while and I need to get it off my chest.

  • Fashion: Exposed to the elements

    It seems that cycling is no longer restricted to just the hyper-athletic or low-income factions of society. It has, in recent years, been appropriated as the transportation of choice by the young, hip intelligentsia - much to the chagrin of those who “got there first.”

  • Beers, bikes and buddies: The Fort Garry Bike Club combines fun, fitness and friends

    Ten years ago, Chris Huebner would have scoffed at anyone who suggested that he and his pick-up hockey friends would be the founders of a popular bike club.

  • Tales from the cycling crypt

    Mothers everywhere have repeatedly lectured their children to strap on a helmet, cycle single-file and wear a neon wardrobe while riding their bike.

  • Auteurism is alive and well

    Undoubtedly, animated filmmaking plays a profound role in defining the cultural institutions of Canada, while continuing to assert itself in the 21st century as a bastion for artists and their invaluable creative talents.

  • Sexy or just plain scary?

    Every October, I anxiously anticipate the flier insert advertising the new costumes for women, and every year they become more and more ludicrous.

  • Walk right in, sit right down

    University students will feel immediately at home upon walking into Pop Soda’s Coffee House and Gallery at 625 Portage Ave.

  • It’s all action and there’s 33 years worth of photos to prove it

    This year sees legendary hardcore punk veteran and D.O.A. front man Joey “Shithead” Keithley release his second book, Talk - Action = 0: An Illustrated History of D.O.A., through Arsenal Pulp Press.

  • Circle of friends: I’m Trying Records is Winnipeg’s newest great label

    “They do everything. They do show booking, they’ll make posters, they’ll find bands to play and they’ll do stuff like drive me around. Basically anything I need help with.”

  • The world according to BROOD

    Toronto trio Elliott BROOD has evolved from a niche “death country” act, to alt-country aficionados in the past seven years.

  • Five reasons why I love to cycle

    Riding a bike is awesome!

  • Cohabitation or animosity?

    Although cyclists and bus riders often share similar concerns such as environmental awareness and financial savings, the relationship between the two can be at times strained.

  • Learning to share the roadway

    In May, I spent a couple of days cycling around Manhattan and Northwest Brooklyn. My initial plan, as I nervously set out from my friend’s place in the East Village that first morning, was simply to get up to Central Park with as little time spent on the busy streets as possible.

  • Why?

    This is an open letter to the person or persons who keep breaking into my van - well, “breaking in” may not be the most accurate way of describing it, since I leave my doors open. But I’ll come back to that.

  • Two new levies passed in UWSA byelection

    The results of last week’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) byelection will be felt for years to come, with four newly elected directors and two brand new student fees set to be levied on top of existing tuition.

  • Brandon University strike leaves students in limbo

    Students and faculty alike have joined the picket line in front of the University of Winnipeg’s Rice Building as the Brandon University Faculty Association (BUFA) strike continues.

  • Co-op management course a first in Canada

    Last winter, the University of Winnipeg’s Business Administration department offered the first Canadian undergraduate course in co-operative management.

  • Winnipeggers commit to living on a welfare budget

    Four dollars - this is the amount of money people living on social assistance are estimated to have to spend on food every day.

  • The long, cold protest

    In the face of cold Winnipeg nights, food burglars and safety threats, the Occupy Winnipeg campers still have no impulse to budge.

  • The truth behind detoxification

    The rising popularity of a wide range of detoxification products is somewhat reflective of the ambiguous definition of the word toxin, critics say.

  • City’s active transportation infrastructure grows

    Many cyclists celebrated the $20 million the City of Winnipeg put into active transportation infrastructure last year, but it may be some time before University of Winnipeg commuters notice a major effect.

  • Renowned philosopher Charles Taylor speaks at the University of Winnipeg

    More than 300 people filled Eckhardt-Grammate Hall at the University of Winnipeg on Wednesday, Oct. 19 to hear a lecture by renowned Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor.

  • Do you think the city does enough to accommodate cyclists?

    Do you think the city does enough to accommodate cyclists? Why or why not?

  • Local News Brief

    Orpheum building demolished for new lot; City council approves fee hikes; Manitoban group against proposed crime bill; Daryl Reid new Manitoba legislature speaker; Gerrard: to resign or not to resign?

  • International News Briefs

    Gadhafi killed in hometown of Sirte; Greece protests turn violent; Iran disagrees with U.S. claims of planned assassination; Harper to appoint new judges to Supreme Court; Turkey retaliates against Kurdish rebel attacks

  • Campus News Briefs

    How does free yoga sound?; U of W, the Forks partners in composting ; U of W program receives $150,000 grant ; Wesmen wrestles first recruits for men’s team ; Conference focuses on the art of math education

  • Fashion Streeter

    Most of it is second hand
  • Turn out the light

    You have to be in a certain mood to watch Nostalgia for the Light.

  • How to ride a bike

    Let’s be honest. The actual first step of riding a bike is getting someone to run after you holding onto your seat yelling, “Pedal! Pedal!” while you cry in terror and then bail face first onto the merciless and already-blood-stained asphalt.

  • The Eardrums

    Oh, The Eardrums. From your cheeky sense of humour in the visuals (the album cover features shots of Winnipeg skylines with the CN Tower crudely taped onto it) and the lyrics, your We’re Not From Toronto EP is just what the Canadian music scene needs - a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • Bog River

    Holy heck, Bog River is the closest thing to a rock band in the roots scene.


    The instrumentation on Saskatoon, Sask.’s Deep Dark Woods’ sophomore album is lovely.


    It is very evident that Jimmy Eat World is one of this Victoria, B.C. band’s influences.


    Chicago electro-indie popsters Gemini Club have an incredibly familiar sound - think a more natural Shiny Toy Guns - but it’s worth checking out.