Volume 66, Number 6

Published October 5, 2011

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  • My name ain’t baby, it’s Melanie

    Thank you for all the support and positive feedback from my first column.

  • Waster’s Thunder Pit: A soundtrack for bad decisions

    If listening to their new album Thunder Pit inspires you to seek and destroy, then local groove-metal meisters Waster have done their job.

  • Times sure have changed

    A school assignment that is actually enjoyable to complete is a rarity. Even rarer is the project that continues to evolve well past the final deadline (and not because it’s overdue).

  • Pass it here

    As a sports fan who spent the better part of three and a half years at the University of Winnipeg, I often felt that sports were a taboo subject.

  • Federal crime bills in a violent province

    Though it is difficult to predict the full effects of new legislation, the federal government’s new omnibus crime bill may pose problems for Manitoba’s First Nation communities and courtroom resources, legal experts say.

  • Downtown LGBT clubroom facing financial crunch

    The financial challenges plaguing Gio’s Club and Bar have reached a critical point, sparking some vigorous fundraising efforts in the past few weeks to raise $60,000.

  • Kathryn Calder

    Crashing into your headphones with the dense One Two Three, ex-Immaculate Machine/current New Pornographers’ vocalist/keyboardist Kathryn Calder’s second solo disc in a year is another brilliant offering.

  • When music is not for music’s sake

    Steven Webb enjoys watching movies and playing video games as much as the next person, but while these activities are mere entertainment for most people, every game Webb plays and every film he watches also counts as a sort of research.

  • Dust Adam Dust

    Semi-comparable to early Stereolab featuring Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Monks on vocals, local four-piece Dust Adam Dust defies any real comparisons.

  • Oh My Darling

    Winnipeg’s country/roots quartet Oh My Darling’s second album Sweet Nostalgia was recorded in a straw-bale house in Roseisle, Man. and it is perfect for a good, old-fashioned barn raising.

  • Definitely not on the Pancake House menu

    Pancakes and Skateboards is a local skate apparel brand by local photographer, skate enthusiast and owner Cam Nikkel that is making a name for itself locally and beyond.

  • Wilco

    Opening with the blistering, seven-minute shredder that is Art of Almost, Wilco’s eighth studio LP announces itself as the band’s best work in a decade.

  • Cuff the Duke

    Oshawa five-piece Cuff The Duke has been touring and recording for about a decade, and in that time their sound hasn’t evolved all that much.

  • Sharing fruit and promoting healthy living

    It turns out you can share your fruit and eat it too.

  • The state of Manitoba’s economy

    “The goal of prosperity can be ever elusive, goalposts change as do what people consider to be measures of prosperity.”

  • No change in proposed changes to Copyright Act

    With the start of a new session of parliament, the federal government has dusted off Bill C-32, its proposed amendment to the Copyright Act, and resurrected it under the name Bill C-11.

  • Meet Merchants Corner

    With an offer to purchase the infamous Merchants Hotel in the North End, the group behind the deal is still considering what should become of the building.

  • Wrestling teams newest addition to the Wesmen family

    Not only has the University of Winnipeg added two new wrestling teams to its athletics roster, but it will also host Olympic wrestling trials in December.

  • Green corridor construction underway

    The University of Winnipeg and the City of Winnipeg have joined forces to construct a new green space downtown.

  • Building the taxes

    One issue that was conspicuously absent from the provincial election debate was the possible introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Manitoba.

  • Only shades of green

    Connecting the traditional University of Winnipeg campus with the new addition, the recently completed green corridor serves an important function. There’s no question that this project will create a much-needed link between the two elements of the university, and will add a feeling of cohesion that was previously lacking.

  • Socalled: The best artist you haven’t heard yet

    This past year has been a good one for Socalled.

  • Staying close to home while on tour

    Underneath We Were Lover’s sweet melodic hooks and dance-inducing beats are a number of influences from various genres that contribute to the duo’s musical output and help make the sound accessible to everyone.

  • This juice is worth the squeeze

    It’s crazy to think that Juice, the University of Winnipeg’s journal for student writing, is already in its 11th volume. The collection of writing includes poetry, dramatic prose and more, and provides a launch pad for unpublished students to finally carve that notch in their belt.

  • The problem solvers extraordinaire

    When a company’s well-priced and well-made market-relevant product fails to find sway with consumers, it’s time for that company to call in the big guns.