Volume 66, Number 16

Published January 18, 2012

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  • Spare the change

    All right kids, it’s resolution season.

  • Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman

    In the true crime novel Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman, writer Wayne Tefs delves into the life of infamous criminal Ken Leishman.

  • Something on the line

    Randy Walker loves to gamble. By his own admission, he’ll bet on anything that moves - it keeps things interesting.

  • Be the change

    Many people may know about Free the Children, the largest global network of children helping children through education, as a result of We Day.

  • So you want to be an artist?

    It’s difficult at times to see popular or successful artists as everyday people. It’s difficult to imagine the intervening stages between just another person on the street and a successful musician or a gallery-showing photographer or inspiring actor.

  • Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers aims to raise funds and creativity with Derring DO!

    Ever wanted to Bollywood dance or beatbox? How about perform live with a local folk band or create a piece of art? Now’s your chance, with the 2012 Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancer’s (WCD) Derring DO!

  • It’s all in the writing

    It could be argued that to reverse the ills that plague a society people need to realize the things that they’re doing wrong.

  • Never mind the music, it’s all about the drugs

    Upside Down: The Creation Records Story showcases the British independent record label that was home to such great acts as The Jesus and The Mary Chain, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub and Oasis.

  • Local film Of Games and Escapes is a genre-bending character piece

    “The planted man getting watered is perhaps the greatest shot in Winnipeg filmmaking history!” boasts the back of the Of Games and Escapes DVD case.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Local rock act Salinas set to release All These Choices EP

    Recorded at MCM Studios with Mike Petkau Falk (Les Jupes, Record of the Week Club), the new EP from local four-piece Salinas showcases a new direction and musical growth from their 2010 self-titled effort and its power pop punk.

  • Migrating from Winnipeg to Churchill to Italy and back again

    “Everything I do, I have no choice,” says local musician and visual artist Demetra Penner, 26. “I’ve just needed to create ever since I was 15.”

  • WSO New Music Festival brings Iceland to Winnipeg

    Alexander Mickelthwate has a lot to do these days.

  • Safe and sound?

    I feel safe in Winnipeg; it’s where I grew up.

  • The way of the future

    Who will lead the University of Winnipeg beyond 2012?

  • Now is the time

    The number of children in care in Manitoba rose to 9,432 in 2011.

  • A permanent loss

    Oct. 26, 2011 was the deadline for developers to make proposals for seven large pieces of prime real estate scattered across Winnipeg.

  • Indigenous Advisory Circle established at U of W

    James Wilson, commissioner of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, has been involved in indigenous-based advisory boards and circles before, but says the university’s new Indigenous Advisory Circle is the first one he’s seen in an academic setting.

  • Supporting independent political film on campus

    At the University of Winnipeg, independent film reaches audiences in a way that is unique in Manitoba.

  • Prototype airship ready for testing

    A University of Manitoba professor wants to see Manitoba’s skies filled with “Skywhales,” hybrid airships powered by airplane engines and helium, that deliver goods to remote communities.

  • Occupiers carry on despite being shut down

    After the controversial dismantling of their camp in late December, members of Occupy Winnipeg are utilizing new ways to spread their message and attempt to influence public policy.

  • Open for business

    After delays and extended deadlines, the University of Winnipeg AnX is open and operational.

  • Quinzy

    Opening with a trio of tunes about Winnipeg (which, in turn, each open with the line “I dress for the weather”) Quinzy’s latest in a long line of EPs is a direct love letter to our fair city.

  • The Forbidden Dimension

    A horror rock band from Calgary, The Forbidden Dimension has been rocking out their music since the 1980s.

  • The Sturgeons

    The Sturgeons play an old style of music, though they keep it fresh and unique.