Local rock act Salinas set to release All These Choices EP

Tubthumping: Darcy Penner, Matt Morison and Matt Austman are three-quarters of local rock band Salinas. David Van Den Bossche

Recorded at MCM Studios with Mike Petkau Falk (Les Jupes, Record of the Week Club), the new EP from local four-piece Salinas showcases a new direction and musical growth from their 2010 self-titled effort and its power pop punk.

“This EP is a lot more open,” says guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Austman over coffee.

The singer is joined in the band by bassist Darcy Penner, drummer Matt Morison and guitarist/keyboardist Dan Kazuk.

“This one is a little more atmospheric. It breathes a little more.”

While there are bands who put out atmospheric records that don’t translate well live, Austman and Morison show no concerns leading up to the release.

“We’re fleshing out our sound for the show with seven musicians, even though that’s still 13 less than in the studio,” says Morison.

It’s safe to say that the band is dedicated to staying true to recreating the sound of the record, and putting on a big show.

“The energy in the live show makes up for the missing elements,” Austman adds.  “I think it comes across as a little more raw, but I think that also adds a certain excitement that you can’t always capture in the studio.”

With a solidified and unified lineup and all of its members starting new chapters in their lives, the band insists that this is just the beginning of a more focused approached.

“Instead of just throwing it out to the world and saying, ‘Take it!’ we’re really going to be focusing on who we want to hear this,” Morison says. “It’s the time to really grab that horse and ride it.”

This includes plans to tour Canada and an album tentatively scheduled for an August release.

“We’re always thinking years in advance,” Austman explains. “There are innumerable things that we’re trying to plan for right now. But I’m thrilled to be with these guys that want to work hard, tour hard and make music.”

Until then their main focus and excitement is on the EP release.

“I think it’s the optimal time to see us live,” Austman says. “We’re well-rehearsed. It’s going to be huge.”

“It’s going to be a freight train,” Morison concludes.

Published in Volume 66, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 18, 2012)

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