Volume 66, Number 14

Published November 30, 2011

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  • Feeling that gingerbread feeling

    A lot of people get all grumpy pants this time of year and I refuse to contribute to all the doom and gloom with another “I don’t have a boyfriend/Orange Crush for one” column.

  • Ten things to do in Winnipeg this month

    December is a busy month and sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do. Here are 10 things going on in the city that you should check out.

  • Year-end Top Ten lists

    Here’s a look at what Uniter arts and culture staff and contributors were into this past year.

  • Young love and death in Jerusalem

    When telling an old story that nearly everyone knows by heart, it’s normal to want to give it a new spin.

  • Exposing a weakness

    In developed and western counties, nudity can be used as an artistic form of protest in order to deliver a strong message about unjust conditions; in this context, it may or may not spark controversy.

  • Transit fee increase doesn’t help those who pay it

    The first formal rapid transit study for Winnipeg was brought before city council in 1959, nearly 53 years ago. Written by Norman D. Wilson, who by then had planned Toronto’s subway system, the study called for the construction of three subway routes which would wind their way across Winnipeg’s irregular grid pattern. An ambitious plan, it would ultimately be destined to be forgotten by everyone but a few obsessive transit nerds.

  • A taste of heaven

    Let’s start off with a quick quiz, reader. Make sure to answer “yes” or “no” out loud, regardless of your present location.

  • Consistency, consistency, consistency

    Halfway through the season, Wesmen teams of different courts agree on one thing: they need to be more consistent.

  • Mid-year report

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association executive committee has been active this year, organizing activities and new project initiatives, and finalizing some long-term projects.

  • Who will watch the watchmen?

    A recent city council decision to expunge police disciplinary records after five years is coming under fire from the city’s cop watchdog and a former deputy police chief.

  • Location, location, location

    As Occupy encampments across Canada face eviction, protesters are questioning the best means of reorganizing themselves without becoming victims of legal loopholes.

  • Lending a helping hand

    Starting the business of your dreams isn’t a simple task, especially when a copious amount of money is needed to sub-contract your prototype or purchase the high-end machinery to manufacture it yourself.

  • Re: “What do you call it?” (Nov. 17, page 8)

    Jon Kornelson makes the statement that the “rhetoric surrounding a ‘woman’s right to choose’ tends to act as more of a smokescreen which redirects attention from the real issue: the humanity, or lack thereof, of the fetus.”

  • Re: “It’s not true!” (Nov. 24, page 7)

    I find it troublesome and disappointing for a university newspaper to use the term “conspiracy theory” in such a thought-stopping manner, particularly when used to describe a topic of scholarly significance like the authorship of the works of “Shakespeare.”

  • Re: “Brave in a new world” (Nov. 24, page 10)

    I have been attending the University of Winnipeg as an international student for just over two years, and in those two years, I’ve been an avid reader of The Uniter. Never have I read an article that bleeds such ignorance as the special feature “Brave in a new world,” which gives a supposed insight into the life of an international student.

  • The Uniter 30

    The goal of this piece was to once again feature, in no particular order, a group of Manitobans who are 30 years old or younger who are making a difference and impacting their community in some way, or who are outstanding in their field – whatever that field may be.