Volume 65, Number 17

Published January 27, 2011

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  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • The future of Winnipeg gay bars

    When a new gay bar opened its doors to Winnipeg’s LGBT* scene this past December, it also opened up speculation about where Winnipeg gays would go to party.

  • Heartbreak Club

    Layered thick with obvious influences from Weezer and The Get Up Kids and late ’90s California pop-punk bands, Australia’s Heartbreak Club are producing incredibly infectious songs impressive for a debut album.

  • Procreation is a bad idea

    Human procreation is a custom so deeply ingrained in our society that rarely are its ethical implications questioned.

  • The toll of depression on relationships

    Typically, a relationship begins with endless days of smiling, kisses and fun between two people who share the same interests and are physically attracted to each other.

  • Multiple sex partners create freedom and challenges

    Some Winnipeggers have found sexual freedom through polyamorism – consensual non-monogamy – but they understand communication and societal pressure are obstacles along the way.

  • Stress spillover

    If you think you’re the only one who fights more with your significant other during exam periods, think again.

  • No coke or chicks make rock stars dull as dirt

    The other day, I met a girl who knew who I was.

  • Campus News Briefs

    UWFA Logo Contest; Wesmen men’s volleyball spilt on the road, women take the loss; Paths to Reconciliation Talk rescheduled; New Master of Arts program announced; New information technology launches in Manitoba

  • Utterly dark and absolutely hilarious

    The word “pariah” defines an outcast, someone who is rejected by society, often for failing to adhere to the common morality.

  • A cure for the common case of love sickness

    It’s a brave claim, but I’ll make it anyway: ladies and gentlemen, I have found the cure for Valentine’s Day.

  • Elias

    You’ll find that what makes Lasting Distractions different than many other alt-rock records is simply the size of its sound.

  • The Mohawk Lodge

    Nitty, gritty rocker Ryder Havdale and 10 or so talented musicians make up The Mohawk Lodge.

  • More than just a massage

    Girls as young as 12 have been drawn into doorways and propositioned for sex outside the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre (BNC), a large recreation and education facility for West Broadway youth.

  • Breaking down barriers

    People with disabilities are fighting back against a society dominated by sexual stereotypes. In growing numbers, they are not only embracing their sexuality, but are broadening the very definition of sex itself.

  • Exploring the right to get married

    Marriage is a right for everybody, but for people with disabilities the roadblocks can come from those closest to them.

  • The politics of sexship

    Sexship occurs when you are not just friends, but not quite dating.

  • ‘We don’t have to go all the way, we’ll just lie here and hold each other’

    Every couple goes through a series of unavoidable stages, some of those emotional, the more interesting and hilarious ones, physical. Which sexual stage is your relationship in?

  • Les Jupes

    On a blog he contributes to, Les Jupes singer-guitarist Michael Petkau Falk described his favourite album of 2010, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, as “one of the few albums in recent memory that demands digging into lyrics, metaphors, track order … all the things that we used to do with records.”

  • Cat Jahnke

    The title of this album accurately describes what’s inside.

  • Wesmen women split with fourth-ranked Cougars, men fall to 2-14

    On Friday, Jan. 21, the University of Winnipeg Wesmen basketball teams hosted long time rivals, the Regina Cougars with home court advantage.

  • Freud’s Bathhouse and Diner set to close

    Less than a year after opening, an Exchange District art space that left an indelible mark on Winnipeg’s art scene as a place for outsider and alternative art is closing.

  • Re: “Grassroots activists slam Youth for Christ once more” (Jan. 20, page 3)

    This article was written in poor taste and bad judgment.

  • Local News Briefs

    Fresh crop of cops on the way; Bursary created in memory of Tim McLean; Paddlewheel captain’s last voyage; Province scraps school bus camera plan; Manitoba teens lighting up

  • The time has come

    When they disbanded in 2000, Winnipeg hardcore heavyweights Guy Smiley were at the top of their game.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I’m all about the pockets.
  • Breakin’ up is hard to do

    Feng Shui is a smoky blues-rock band formed by a jumble of Winnipeg musicians in late 2009.

  • Re: “Grassroots activists slam Youth for Christ once more” (Jan. 20, page 3)

    Aside from the considerable amount of personal offense I have taken to this article as it targets me, my faith and my family, my anger and frustration go much further as the faults found within this article are unending.

  • International News Briefs

    Cellular insurgency; “Laundry Women” returns to France; Jordanians demand food and freedom; Atlantis will fly once more; Retired Greek athletes face charges