Volume 65, Number 15

Published January 13, 2011

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  • Long-term strategy needed for 2011 municipal budget, say critics

    With the 2011 municipal budget fast approaching, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) is calling for an end to Winnipeg’s 13-year property tax freeze – a policy they describe as a “financial straitjacket.”


    For her second album, released in 2009, Emma Hill is touring with her new backing band The Gentleman Callers.


    Danny Fernandes’s sophomore album AutomaticLUV is the perfect soundtrack for the nights you can’t remember.


    Granted the holidays are over, but if you’re looking for tracks to throw on to your holiday mixtape for next year, consider this song.

  • Local News Briefs

    Manitoba unemployment at 5.2 %; Local inventors have block-heater cord solution; Meet you on Gandhi Avenue?; No money for flooded homes; What are your budget thoughts?

  • Re: “The Uniter 30” (Dec. 3, page 7)

    Thanks for highlighting the important work that CEEDAY is doing in partnership with a community in Burundi.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I’m tall. I do everything but pants.
  • Wesmen finish second on home court in Wesmen Classic

    The Duckworth Centre was packed from Dec. 28 to Dec. 30 as youth community, high school and university teams competed for their respective basketball championship titles as part of the University of Winnipeg’s 44th Annual Wesmen Classic.

  • University of Winnipeg welcomes Ivan Coyote

    This month marks a change in Winnipeg’s literary guard, as Ivan Coyote becomes the sixth Carol Shields writer-in-residence at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Shocking or entertaining? New cigarette warning labels for 2011

    Canada’s cigarette packages are getting a makeover in 2011, with new warning labels featuring bigger and harder hitting images that will cover 75 per cent of the package.

  • New changes to FIPPA change nothing

    As of Jan. 1, 2011, new amendments to Manitoba’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) came into effect, leaving those who utilize the legislation wanting more.

  • Re: “The Uniter 30” (Dec. 3, page 7)

    What an excellent feature!

  • Clothe the City keeps Winnipeg warm with 2,000 donated winter jackets

    Bundled in her new winter coat, Roslyn Kirwan looks just like any other Winnipegger braving the cold.

  • International News Briefs

    Ghana seeks non-violent solution to Ivory Coast situation; Receding flood waters to reveal actual extent of damages; Greek anti-immigrant fence faces opposition; Whalers, Sea Shepherds battle near Antarctica; Rising food prices cause alarm

  • Rice Building joins Downtown Security Network

    The safety of University of Winnipeg students has long been a touchy subject due to assaults and robberies near the downtown campus. However, students may take comfort in the fact that the U of W is a member of the Downtown Security Network (DSN).

  • Campus News Briefs

    SnoBalls of Fury tournament; IAM will not be, any longer; There’s a U of M app for that; Former ambassador to the UN speaks at U of W ; Collegiate volleyball star joins Wesmen

  • Unfounded concern, dumbfounding solution

    It is ironic to note that during the Christmas season when “giving” and “sharing” are so important, 70 per cent of Winnipeggers want to crack down on people who beg for money and squeegee at busy intersections.

  • Politicians on the dark side, hysteria and the end of the world

    John Cusack, the Mayans and an array of melodramatic doomsday theorists would all have us believe that this year, 2011, will be our last before the apocalypse.


    From its opening four minutes – Michael Holt’s acapella narrative of his life’s loves from childhood to the present – The Dawn Chorus is clearly a storytelling album.

  • Um ... people say things

    A brilliant thought is on the tip of the tongue, waiting to be released. However, it comes too late; already eyes have begun to glaze over and the conversation moves on.

  • Shocking or entertaining? New cigarette warning labels for 2011

    Canada’s cigarette packages are getting a makeover in 2011, with new warning labels featuring bigger and harder hitting images that will cover 75 per cent of the package.

  • West Central Streets stops the presses due to funding and staff shortages

    After 15 years of telling the stories and histories of Winnipeg’s West End, the West Central Streets newspaper is closing.


    Long Story Short is Winnipeg native Len Bowen’s solo debut, full of comfortable beats and micro-dramas of his hip-hop journey.

  • Winnipeg becomes Art-i-Peg

    Nothing summarizes the ugly decay and subtle beauty of Winnipeg like a walk down the Exchange District’s Adelaide Street.

  • Discrimination against mental illness on the rise

    Discrimination against persons with mental disabilities has the Manitoba Human Rights Commission concerned. A drastic rise in complaints over the last three years has left those involved to believe that the general public has been undereducated in regards to mental health.

  • Are cigarette warning labels effective?

    Do you think the graphic warning labels on cigarette packages are effective? Why or why not?

  • Through the political looking glass

    In Cornish legend, supernatural creatures live side by side with humans but are blind to them without some kind of magic aid.

  • Wesmen basketball start the second half strong in B.C.

    The University of Winnipeg men’s and women’s basketball teams travelled to Kamloops, B.C. last weekend (Jan. 7-8) to take on Thompson Rivers University (TRU).

  • Insects and pig intestines

    While growing up, most of us got into some sort of trouble with our parents, resulting in Mom and Dad biting our heads off.

  • Say no to eggnog

    This week, I’d like to take the chance to talk to you about a very addictive (and, therefore, very dangerous) Christmas treat that has taken me in with its seductive siren song and has, just as quickly, chewed me up and spit me out.

  • Another great year ahead

    It’s a few days before Mike Petkau Falk’s 32nd birthday, and he’s reflecting on the past 360-ish days.

  • One day at the asylum

    One afternoon, during midterms and before the holidays, I walked outside to the entrance of Lockhart for a cigarette.

  • U of W’s role in controversial CFS

    While numerous schools are attempting to leave the Canadian Federation of Students, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) spent much of their time this fall prepping for CFS’s annual general meeting held in Gatineau, Quebec from Nov. 24-27.

  • University of Winnipeg needs a little TED

    With the TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference coming to Winnipeg in February, perhaps it is time that the University of Winnipeg create an event similar to TED for graduating students or recent graduates to promote their ideas about technological, design, environmental and poverty concerns.

  • More music this week

    More music this week