Granted the holidays are over, but if you’re looking for tracks to throw on to your holiday mixtape for next year, consider this song. Written by Liam McCormack, a Bostonian who bears striking resemblance to a disheveled Joaquin Phoenix and performs under the name Yellowbirddd, Misplace My Holidays isn’t extravagant. A simple yet vivid acoustic arrangement, McCormack is quaint with his yearning melodies and lyrics, much like his obvious influences of Bright Eyes, Kevin Devine and the Counting Crows. The impact of the song isn’t immediate but you’ll find yourself humming the melodies under your breath. And while the tale of a man struggling to come ahead of his past mistakes in the midst of holiday cheer isn’t entirely new, it’s relatable, which is where McCormack succeeds most as a songwriter. Download the song for free at

Published in Volume 65, Number 15 of The Uniter (January 13, 2011)

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