Volume 64, Number 12

Published November 19, 2009

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  • Canadian super highways

    Does Canada need a super-highway system like the German Autobahn?

  • Fashion Streeter

    Music inspires my fashion.
  • Blogging in style

    Blogs are a personalized space in which you can discuss and share your opinions on numerous topics.

  • How to strengthen your core

    The core is the entire middle section of our bodies. It is vital to stabilize and balance ourselves. Strengthening the core contributes to increased flexibility and effectiveness in everyday activities. Without a strong core, we may have difficulty in daily tasks. Walking, carrying objects, crouching down and even standing all engage the core to some degree. Because we need our core in order to perform a variety of activities, it is an incredibly important muscle group that everyone should focus more on.

  • There is nothing new under the sun

    Mad Men – the aesthetically-stunning examination of a Madison Avenue ad agency in the early ‘60s – has been credited as the catalyst for a ‘60s pop culture revival.

  • Armageddon only happens every six months

    2012, the latest disaster movie from German-born director Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day) is exactly what you would expect.

  • Culture imitates art, and art, culture

    Stop me if you’ve heard this plot before: Joe has a perfect life. He has a car, a house, a wife and a child.

  • We wanted the worst, we got the worst

    From Oct. 22 until Nov. 12, we asked Uniter readers to enter our ‘Worst Boss Ever’ story contest. In 300 words or less, entrants recapped the story of the worst person they’ve ever worked for. Here are the winners.

  • Arts Briefs

    Know Your Groceries; Free At Last; The Gift That Keeps Giving; Environmental Orgasms

  • It feels like watching something dying

    Kevin McMahon’s Waterlife is a wonderful, if bittersweet, film.

  • Beautiful, but exasperating

    Twenty years after its first production, Prairie Theatre Exchange’s Bordertown Café holds up well enough as a story of role reversals, but the unceasing conflict between characters quickly becomes exasperatingly frustrating.

  • I Drink for a Reason

    Never mind that some people criticized him for appearing in the 2007 live-action adaptation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, David Cross has had an amazing career so far and will no doubt be remembered as one of the best comics of his generation.

  • Sasquatches, martyrs and porn stars – oh my!

    Icons and urban legends meet in the Graffiti Gallery’s latest group exhibition, Legends, Heroes, Myths and Such. Judging by the mixture of artwork in the exhibition, people’s heroes, myths and legends vary greatly. A unicorn, a sasquatch, a phoenix, martyrs, porn stars and the list goes on and on.

  • Little Girls getting bigger

    Toronto’s Little Girls may have started as a side project, but with the release of their new album Concepts, the band has taken centre stage. “We’re still good friends, we just won’t be playing shows together for a while,” Josh McIntyre, Little Girls frontman, said of Pirate/Rock, the band from which they spawned.

  • You Say Party! We Say Die! - XXXX

    Question: If X=♥ and You Say Party! We Say Die! are travelling across Europe for 16 weeks and they have a barroom brawl resulting in a nervous breakdown, then how much love is necessary for YSP!WSD! to make an exceptional dance album?

  • JON AND ROY - Another Noon

    While discussing what makes for good talk radio, someone recently told me that it can’t be beige – beige is the death of talk radio. Well, it’s the death of music too.

  • ALEX CUBA - Alex Cuba

    You don’t have to worry about the language barrier to understand this album. Alex Cuba is not limited to traditional Cuban music but extends further into his favourite genres, making his self-titled release easy to enjoy.

  • QUAGMIRE - Don’t Forget the Blowtorch

    In this age of rejected hairdressing students at the forefront of whatever the monstrous thing that “punk” has mutated into, it’s utterly refreshing – and unfortunately, surprising – to hear a band playing some honest-to-goodness, down ‘n’ dirty punk rock.

  • Easy on the eyes and a treat for the ears

    Steven Tyler impregnated a Playmate of the Month, Gene Simmons boasts that he’s been with over 4,600 women and even Lyle Lovett got to marry Julia Roberts. The occasionally-proven music industry myth that ugly dudes can make themselves infinitely more attractive with a little musical talent has resulted in a nation of less-than-remarkable-looking guys endlessly practicing Stairway to Heaven in their bedrooms.

  • A sublime and smouldering package

    Amber Epp, Winnipeg jazz scene’s “next big thing,” will be releasing her debut CD with Latin-influenced jazz combo Trio Bembe this Monday, Nov. 23 at the West End Cultural Centre. Epp, who plays weekly with the Papa Mambo Trio at Hermanos, the new Exchange District hotspot for Latin American food and music, recently graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Music School and has a burning passion to contribute as well as perform.

  • Enhanced interrogation is not torture

    BURNABY, B.C. (CUP) – One of Barack Obama’s campaign promises was to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility one year after he took office. The closing date is tentatively planned for January 2010. Just recently, the American senate voted on a bill that would allow current detainees to be moved from Gitmo to be tried in the United States.

  • Free speech on campus

    I can still recall the first protest I witnessed on campus. During my first year at the University of Winnipeg, a wild-looking group of Jesus freaks walked along the bike racks yelling that the Lord was coming, and we sinners were about to pay for our wickedness (that is, unless, we joined their church, but that’s another matter). Between summoning Jesus and yelling in the “gay marriage equals the devil”- style of Christian worship, this rabid band of devotees to the almighty seemed not to care that the students around them were outraged.

  • Not just another number

    I hastily joined the provincial NDP party last spring without realizing the level of committment they were expecting from me. I thought I was signing up to be just another number in their records; another name to add to their sizable roster.

  • Military priorities

    As I was going through the newsfeed last week, I came across a government press release announcing that the federal Conservatives have released a brand new study guide for the citizenship exam, which must be passed by newcomers to Canada. The press release celebrates the expanded scope and content of this new study guide, which apparently had not changed much since 1995.

  • Lest we forget

    On Nov. 11, Canadians gathered to remember those who have fallen for their country. On the very same day, Kurds in Iran remembered a young political activist whose three-month strike ended when he was hanged without any regard to the due process of law at the death gallows of Sanandaj central prison in the province of Kurdistan in Iran.

  • Wesmen trampled by U of M Bisons

    It was a bad weekend for the Wesmen, with both the men’s and women’s basketball teams losing handily to the University of Manitoba Bison’s Saturday night.

  • Wesmen volleyball teams struggle against Bisons

    A long-standing rivalry was alive and well over the weekend as the men’s and women’s Wesmen volleyball teams struggled at home against the University of Manitoba Bisons.

  • Wesmen veteran happy team is back to full strength

    Peter Lomuro, a fourth-year forward for the Wesmen men’s basketball team, is looking forward to having the whole team injury free and healthy in their upcoming games.

  • University of Winnipeg Collegiate varsity girls volleyball team earns spot in provincials

    The University of Winnipeg Collegiate Wesmen varsity girls volleyball team defeated the Calvin Christian Eagles on Monday, Nov. 16 for a birth into the AAA provincials. The Wesmen girls varsity team is comprised entirely of Grade 10 and Grade 11 students, making their victory all the more impressive.

  • Campus News Briefs

    U of W website one of Canada’s best; U of W president and dean of grad studies chosen as torchbearers; Axworthy for sustainable freight; Round up your rubber duckies!; U of T prepares for PanAm Games

  • Creative writing practicum to open doors

    University of Winnipeg creative writing professors Margaret Sweatman and Catherine Hunter are in the preliminary stages of preparing a one credit-hour practicum course that would give creative writing students an experience that goes beyond simply handing in work for grading.

  • UWSA byelections will see some contested positions

    The upcoming University of Winnipeg Students’ Association byelections are expected to get a little heated.

  • U of W welcomes Ternette home

    Community activist and University of Winnipeg alumnus Nick Ternette has returned to campus. After spending three-and-a-half months in hospital where he lost his legs to a flesh-eating disease, Ternette and his wife Emily recently moved into their new home in McFeetors Hall.

  • Cracks in the glass ceiling

    EDMONTON (CUP) – An annual survey filled out by University of Alberta business graduates has revealed an unexpected shift in salaries – with female employees exceeding their male counterparts.

  • Royal visit aimed to reconnect Canadians with monarchy

    OTTAWA (CUP) – Canadians were given some royal treatment as Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, wrapped up an 11-day, four-province tour of Canada this week.

  • Is Buy Nothing Day just Do Nothing Day?

    Celebrated the Friday following American Thanksgiving – also known as “Black Friday”, one of the busiest shopping days of the year – Buy Nothing Day has gained international recognition.

  • Neutral Internet vital to innovation

    HALIFAX (CUP) – It is absolutely critical that Canadians get behind open and neutral networks that don’t place restrictions on content, access or speed, according to Terry Dalton, Chair of the Atlantic Canada Organization of Research Networks in Nova Scotia.

  • Online Facebook scams need a “dislike” option

    Online scams have taken on a new face and penetrated popular social networking sites. Facebook is quickly becoming a popular tool for scammers. The company has come under fire for not protecting its users from bogus ads, virtual games and hackers.

  • International News Briefs

    Thieves unaware they stole lion; Searching for Cinderella in Shenzhen; School selling bonus points to students to raise their grades; Christianity not allowed on licence plates

  • Long-gun bill in for a ‘rough ride’ in committee

    A private member’s bill that would potentially abolish the national long-gun registry is slowly making its way through Parliament, opening up a volatile Canadian debate.

  • Let them eat Cheez Whiz

    Members of Manitoba’s aboriginal communities are still calling for an apology from the culture minister over remarks suggesting northern residents could substitute Cheez Whiz for milk.

  • Will Prairie Fire go up in smoke?

    Changes made by the Harper government that affect which magazines qualify for arts funding have left some longstanding arts publications anxious about their future.

  • Local News Briefs

    Lessening Winnipeg’s landfill impact; Citizen input sought on Route 90 options; Cab-jacking sparks call for ‘panic’ buttons; Street renamed after Winnipeg’s “James Bond”; Aging sewage tank threatens Lake of the Woods

  • Ex-gang member scares kids straight

    James Lathlin’s story is enough to frighten just about anyone.

  • Canada needs an autobahn, organization argues

    A recent report published by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy proposes that Canada should change its national motorways to a system more similar to the European Autobahn. The report argues this would provide economic benefits that would ultimately outweigh the multi-billion dollar construction costs.

  • PRIESTESS - Prior To The Fire

    Prior To The Fire may have been my first exposure to these Montreal metal heads, but they immediately made a good impression with Lady Killer, the album’s opener.