Volume 63, Number 19

Published February 5, 2009

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  • Television: The one-million pound sporting gorilla

    Sports and television are like an old married couple. Early on in their relationship they were dependent on each other and lived together in harmony and ran through fields of roses (well, maybe not the last part).

  • What to eat before and after workouts

    Whether you are training for a marathon, trying to build up muscle, or just looking to get fit and lean, what you eat is going to have a huge effect on the performance of your workout. Arguably one of the most influencing factors on how far you are going to be able to push yourself, nutrition can make or break your workout.

  • Sports Briefs

    Straight from the “who didn’t see that coming?” file ; Bennett earns bad “rap” ; The newest contact sport: Cheerleading? ; Football greats receive honours ; Boxing great dies at 76

  • Now is the time to win

    Winning heals all wounds. The lowly Winnipeg Wesmen (8-8) men’s volleyball team lost five of their last six games and needed a win over the University of British Columbia (UBC) Thunderbirds (9-7) for their confidence.

  • Sports, sponsors and cold hard cash

    AC/DC sang that “money talks” and when it comes to professional sports, money talks big. In Canada and the United States, the NHL alone has 17 major corporate partners. That’s just for the league, not to mention the individual advertising contracts that the teams and players have signed.

  • Take that, Pixar!

    Coraline is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel. Directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas), it’s the first stop motion film shot in 3D.

  • Five films you never would have thought were so political

    Movies like Semi-Pro and Knocked Up may seem like innocent comedies, but there’s more going on than you’d expect.

  • Sports Briefs

    Super Bowl has super morals?; Author John Updike dies at 76; Conservative budget sees increase in arts funding

  • Arts grants for dummies

    If you’re a musician or painter in Manitoba, there’s no shortage of grants available for you. The world of arts grants is a complicated one though, and it can often be difficult to navigate.

  • All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance

    “Where have all the young men gone?” was a line in a ‘60s folksong by Peter, Paul and Mary, but the line is even more applicable to the Winnipeg professional dance scene.

  • Not Always What It Seems

    Aww grifters, the romanticized con artists who rely on human nature to make a quick buck; also the topic of a classic Simpson’s episode.

  • Looking at revolution

    Are Americans finally on the right track? Was Barack Obama’s inauguration a sign that racial harmony is at last a reality for our neighbours to the south?

  • Wab Kinew - Live By the Drum

    Local rapper and ex-Dead Indian Wabanakwut Kinew sounds fresh, fierce and confident on his debut full-length.

  • Theset - Never Odd or Even

    Visiting Winnipeg this Saturday, Feb. 7 to play a show at The Church Basement, Victoria rockers Theset and their debut CD Never Odd or Even are best described as the alternative rock that is being touted by most radio stations these days as the new fad for young people

  • Bon Iver - Blood Bank

    On last year’s For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver (a deliberate misspelling of the French, bon hiver, meaning “good winter”) created a mood that was deeply sad and utterly beautiful, and a sound that was strikingly original.

  • Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light

    Since releasing their breakthrough second album, 2005’s I Am a Bird Now, Antony and the Johnsons have been swimming in a pool of critical adoration. Any misstep at this stage in Antony’s career would indeed be a surprise.

  • More than just a simple hobby

    Darcia Senft is a busy woman. When she’s not fighting for justice in her full-time job as a lawyer or kicking some serious butt boxing at the Pan Am Boxing Club in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, the 44-year old is promoting her new CD, Storms in the Cellar.

  • Fashion Streeter

    Happy birthday to you.
  • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal

    “Now I’m gonna tell you a secret about the real world. Ready?...The citizens out there, they all want to make a million dollars and they are not honest because no one ever made a million dollars honestly.”

  • Screwin’ with the status quo

    The societal dynamics of a generation produces a distinct group of individuals whose goal is to challenge the status quo. Here’s a look at some of the counter-cultural groups who have made a mark over the past 60 years.

  • How to win fans and influence people

    Remember when punk-rock was challenging? When kids would cram into dark, sweaty basements to hear bands scream about real issues and radical ideas? Winnipeg legends Propagandhi do, and they’ve returned to make the rest of us take our medicine.

  • Pushing for power

    All texts are censored to some extent because of the language in which they are written; I can only express my ideas within the constraints of my language and within that of society’s comprehension.

  • Failing UWSA needs its own Obama

    Watching Barack Obama’s inauguration speech on campus, I was infected with that spirit of hope that has rocked America and the world. Obama has a massive task ahead of him: pulling America out of some of the darkest days of its history and putting it on the right path for the sake of itself as a nation and for the world. That leadership is sorely needed in the United States and I wait with hopeful anticipation to see how he will fix the problems that face our neighbours to the south.

  • You’re either rich and powerful or naked at the mall

    So my editor told me that this week’s issue of The Uniter (the one you are currently reading, or wrapping fish with) is all about power. So I’ve decided to follow suit and address the morality of power. My article this week might be a little more serious than some of you have come to expect from me, but in my defense, I don’t give a shit about what you think, so you can suck my butt.

  • Do we need God?

    For the past two weeks, Rev. Jack Duckworth has argued the case for Christianity, coinciding with a number of dialogues he was holding here at the university.  In response, a variety of guest and regular Uniter writers tried to show the wide ranging and passionate opinions that arise when questions of faith are brought to the table.

  • Picking up where we left off

    Parliament finally reopened last week, just in time for the new American president to meet our beleaguered and on-the-verge-of-disgrace prime minister. Despite getting what amounts to over a month of vacation for Christmas thanks to the prorogation, it looks like Stephen Harper will continue to be prime minister, or at least until Michael Ignatieff gets bored and decides it is his turn.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Green spotlight on U of W ; Rethinking our ethics ; Science for life ; Student association gets ahead, leaves students behind ; Get ready to rumble

  • Education as a treaty right

    Access to education is a treaty right, but the government of Canada doesn’t act like it is. A recent move from funding through bands and councils to the student loans program has many people upset.

  • Our funds, our services

    If asked, few of us could decide right away how 9,000 students should spend over $1.5 million. And yet that’s roughly what University of Winnipeg students pay their students’ association yearly.

  • Tackling city hall

    If you could bring up any issue at city hall what would it be?

  • International News Briefs

    Naked hikers not welcome in the Swiss Alps ; Tourist buys iPod, gets secret military files ; IRA families to receive government compensation ; Need to go to washroom? Buy a ticket

  • Power to all the people, even the newbies

    Despite shaping Canada’s history, immigrants have a limited voice in Canadian politics, and instead are represented through local ethnic community organizations.

  • Healing through justice

    Amidst overflowing jails and debates over tougher crimes, one alternative approach to dealing with crime stands out from the crowd.

  • Keeping it vocal

    British graffiti artist Bansky said we don’t need another hero, we just need someone to take out the recycling.  This is how Simon Hon feels about activism. His form of activism is different from what many people think when they hear the term.

  • Playing with power

    Brian Concannon spent eight years in Haiti as a United Nations human rights observer, trying to make the country’s justice system work for the poor.

  • Local News Briefs

    Autopac to change its grading system ; Katz outlines plans for new budget ; Media locked out ; Winnipeggers pass on atheist bus ads ; Province aids mineral exploration

  • Begging the government for dollars

    Lobbyists may get institutions the money they need for projects, but questions of transparency surround the practice of hiring advisers to beg for dollars.

  • Sick with misunderstanding

    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects many children in Manitoba, but experts say red tape and an overwhelmed public healthcare system may be keeping some kids from the supports they need.

  • My Winnipeg

    As part of The Uniter’s in-depth look at who’s got the power, we realized most of us could not tell a city councillor from a porcupine, or know what a by-law is. In the interest of making us all more city-savvy, The Uniter presents its City Politics for Dummies guide.