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Green spotlight on U of W

An influential Chicago-based trade publication recognized the University of Winnipeg’s campus expansion in a special feature on green schools.

The U of W was one of the only two Canadian schools within the 17 universities featured in Design, Develop, Construct Journal.

The article focused on the U of W’s efforts to foster environmental sustainability alongside community development and initiating positive direction and influence at a time of great change.

The university was also commended on its ability to expand while remaining environmentally mindful.

Rethinking our ethics

After seven years of consultation, there are major changes on the rise for research involving humans in Canada.

Named Draft 2nd Edition of the TCPS (Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct Involving Humans), the new policy opens doors for the qualitative approach to research that was placed under the same horizon as biomedical research when the policies were placed. The qualitative approach is largely used in the social sciences.

Another new chapter addresses responsible community engagement with aboriginal communities and test subjects.

The TCPS have been the standard guidelines used by research ethics boards in Canada since 1998.

Science for life

Amidst talk of disappearing jobs, the U of W is holding a conference showcasing science as a career option in a variety of areas.

Science for Life will be held free of charge on Wednesday, Feb. 11, in the Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall.

The conference will open with a panel discussion with outstanding scientists and include two guest speakers. Suzanne Fortier will talk of Images and Imagination at 12:30 p.m. and Mitchell Joachim will speak about The Future Carborexic City at 7:30 p.m.

Student association gets ahead, leaves students behind

The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) at the University of Toronto has voted ‘yes’ on a more than 30 per cent pay increase for its executives, despite poor budget balancing and financial difficulties in this academic year.

The raise was passed under the claim that executives are unable to sustain themselves on a salary of $20,000 a year, reported Maclean’s OnCampus.

The McMaster Students’ Union (MSU) also received a 22 per cent raise recently. It is over $41,000 in debt and cuts are being made elsewhere across campus.

Get ready to rumble

The University of Winnipeg’s own student union announced its upcoming election dates, and all students are welcome to participate.

The five-week cycle will begin Feb. 9. The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) will hold an information session for potential candidates on Friday, Feb. 13.

Nominations are open starting Monday, Feb. 23; nominations for referendums are due at the end of that week.

An all candidates’ meeting will take place on Friday, Mar. 6. Nominations for candidates are due that week.

The campaigning will commence Mar. 9 and run until the 13, with polling stations open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Mar. 16 to 20.

The votes will be counted on Thursday, Mar. 19.

Published in Volume 63, Number 19 of The Uniter (February 5, 2009)

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