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Photo editor  

  • There and back again

    Whether it’s baking sourdough bread, hiking, playing video games, fostering pets or learning a new language, there is no shortage of hobbies out there.

  • Late-goal woes and glimmers of hope

    Late goals were a source of disappointment for the Wesmen women’s soccer team during last weekend’s season opening. The Wesmen dropped both of their games 3-1 and 4-0 to the Regina Cougars and Saskatchewan Huskies, respectively.

  • Street-level perspectives

    Different vignettes of city life are visible from different levels - on foot, on buses, on a bike, from a car. 

  • More power to you

    “Do you even lift, bro?” 

  • Show and tell

    Reporters tell stories through words and images, though it’s often the text that gets the most attention, response and analysis. 

  • On patrol with the Bear Clan

    As the sun sets over Winnipeg’s North End, a group of people gather at the Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre. They are preparing to spend the next few hours patrolling the streets and back lanes, by foot and with the aid of a mobile unit.

  • Man up

    What is the measure of a man?

  • Fashion Streeter

    Both my grandmothers were into textiles, and that was a huge influence on me. I like to buy Canadian and American products, and I love the ’80s.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I’m not really good at fashion. I find a piece that I like and try to match the colours.

  • Intimate knots

    In the modern era, kinbaku is no longer used to bind one’s enemies. Rather, it has been popularized as a form of sexual bondage or BDSM (an umbrella term that refers to bondage/discipline, domination/submission, and sadism/masochism) often referred to as shibari, which means “to decoratively tie.”

  • Changing roles

    U of W faculty and staff showcase their talents in support of U of W General Scholarship Fund

  • Labours of love

    The true face of the starving artist

  • Why IWD?

    International Women’s Day marks 106 years of fighting for women’s rights

  • Fashion Streeter

    Andraea - “I’m inspired by bold choices and colour. Things that other people wouldn’t wear. Oh... And good deals.”

  • 15 Documentary Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram

    Steve McCurry // Daniel Zvereff // David Alan Harvey // Felix // Felix Januario Wong // Vincent Tremeau // Cengiz Yar Jr. // Brian W. Green // Michael Christopher Brown // Michelle Wing-Yan Siu // John Lehmann // Markus Andersen // Benjamin Rutherford // Michael Bowring // Alison Wright

  • A fighting chance

    Pan Am Place offers respite for residents

  • Vive la culture Franco-Manitobain

    Manitoba’s Francophone lines run deep

  • Highlights from The 2016 Uniter Fiver

    Here's a sampling of the action at last week's Uniter Fiver showcase at The Good Will. Photos by Daniel Crump and Joey Senft

  • Four season cycling

    Winnipeg’s snow-clearing policies leave potential cyclists out in the cold

  • Streeter

    What is the most memorable concert you have ever attended?

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