15 Documentary Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial

The photographer behind such iconic images as the Afghan girl. McCurry’s portraits, brilliant compositions and use of colour are legendary.


Daniel Zvereff - @misterzvereff

After losing his job during the 2008 economic crisis, Zvereff decided to take his savings and purchase a ticket on the Trans Siberian railway and as much film as he could, so he could retrace his family’s migration from Russia to the United States. He has been doing documentary work ever since.



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David Alan Harvey - @davidalanharvey

Harvey is a member of Magnum, editor at Burn Magazine and photographer for National Geographic. His work shows moments of daily life from all around the world, but focuses on South and Central America.


Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). Carnaval is probably most famous in Rio, yet for a festa in the streets it's hard to beat Salvador. This photograph is one of 22 I'm offering until midnight tonight in a 6x9 image size for $125. Shipping included for U.S. and international flat rate. These archival pigment ink prints are limited edition by size ( I cannot print in this size again) and by the 5 day sales deadline. See link in my profile here or go to BurnMagazine.org I like to get in the middle of things and made friends with these men hours before they were made up for the parade through the city. By the time they were in the thick of it I was able to be in the best position simply because they knew me and my moves and I theirs. It's a spontaneous ballet of sorts moving in and out without interrupting their flow, without tripping and falling while walking backwards in the dark, and maintaining control over the lighting for something you've never seen before and have no idea what's coming next. I used a Leica M6 and Velvia film and a small strobe on camera for this photograph published in NatGeo and my book "Divided Soul" (Phaidon). #bahia #brazil #carnaval

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Felix - @felix.g.m

Felix is a street photographer from Bologna, Italy. His black and white images are striking and thoughtful insights into the world around him.


Felix Januario Wong - @felixjanuario

A very prolific street photographer based in Macau, Wong is able to isolate those interesting moments that stand out in everyday life. He shoots both colour as well as black and white and has a talent for spotting contrast and patterns.


Vincent Tremeau - @vtremeau

Freelance photographer Vincent Tremeau is based in Dakar, Senegal. His view of daily life stories between and during assignments is a well executed and fascinating look into a West African nation.


Cengiz Yar Jr. - @cengizyar

Yar spends much of his time on assignment in Iraq and Syria, offering the world a glimpse into places many fear to go. Founder of the Syria’s Children project, his photos foster a strong connection and understanding between the subject and the viewer.



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Brian W. Green - @bw.green

Using both the mediums of photography and video, Green documents daily life on the streets of New York.


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Michael Christopher Brown - @michaelchristopherbrown

Magnum and National Geographic photographapher Michael Christopher Brown travels the world providing us with unique glimpses into places rarely seen.


priest #kingston @voguemagazine @magnumphotos

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Michelle Wing-Yan Siu - @michellewsiu

Toronto based photojournalist Michelle Siu’s photos are simple yet compelling. Her work shows a connection with subjects that goes beyond the everyday.


John Lehmann - @johnlehmann

Based in Vancouver, Lehmann’s photographs are vibrant and strikingly simple yet complex. He is an NPAC Photojournalist of the Year nominee for 2015.


Markus Andersen - @markusxandersen

Using the scenic backdrop of Sydney, Australia as his canvas, Andersen has an incredible ability to seek out interesting scenes and light.


Benjamin Rutherford - @benjaminrutherford

Colour, light and shape are all in play when it comes to Rutherford’s photos. Whether he is photographing in his native Zimbabwe, his adopted home in the southwest of the UK or the cattle ranges of northern Australia, Rutherford's work is always interesting and beautiful.


Rainy days on the Sunshine Coast #vsco #vscocam #rainbow #storm #sunshinecoast #sunnycoast #liveauthentic

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Michael Bowring - @michaelbowring

Bowring has been documenting the Balkan states for ten years. His black and white photography shows excellent use of contrast and an ability to seek out interesting faces.


Alison Wright - @alisonwrightphoto
Traveling the world documenting endangered cultures and issues of humanity, Wright’s vibrant portraits are interesting and unique.

Published in Volume 70, Number 20 of The Uniter (February 18, 2016)

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