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  • The 2016 Uniter Fiver

    The five favourite new local bands, as chosen by you

  • Weird living

    Manitobans get creative to get by

  • Blast from the past

    A look at the University of Winnipeg then and now

  • Urban jungle

    Scaling Winnipeg's parkour scene

  • Low income citizens need better housing

    Local researchers urge the federal government to take action

  • South Osborne speakeasy

    Blind Tiger brings back concept from the prohibition era

  • Freezin for a reason

    Online exclusive photo gallery of JDC West students jumping into ice water for charity.

  • Fashion Streeter

    Kwezi - “I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop, so that really influences my style.”

  • Gone haunting

    Exploring the paranormal side of Winnipeg

  • Fashion Streeter

    Randeep - “It’s not really a style. I just throw together things that look good. But you can make something up if you want and write about that.”

  • From Crisis to Campus

    Student refugees share stories of how they found their way here

  • Equality in education

    Students with disabilities still face accessibility issues

  • Telling their own stories

    Faron Hall will be remembered by many Winnipeggers as the “Homeless Hero” who saved two people from drowning in the Red River before succumbing to its current himself years later. Hall became a minor celebrity in the Winnipeg newscycle for his heroics, but also for his ongoing struggle with addiction and occasional run-ins with police.

  • Streeter

    Sept 24, 2015 … Streeter. Has your service been affected by the bus shortage?

  • Whose House? Ghost Twin’s House

    Ghost Twin are a singular force in Winnipeg music. Their combination of synthpop, heavy electronica and visual media make them one of the city’s most ambitious music or art projects.

  • Winnipeg’s comedy renaissance

    Winnipeg is known for a lot of things. Well, maybe a small handful, most of them weather-related, and comedy hasn’t always been one of them. 

    Yet Winnipeg is currently several years deep into a bona fide comedy renaissance. 

  • Know your foundation

    Heading back to school can be a flurry of commotion, of logistics, schedules, new faces and places. In all this bustling, it can be easy to overlook the work it takes behind the scenes for the campus to be ready for us. The University of Winnipeg campus has grown to fill 1.66 million square-feet, and all of those buildings are maintained by Physical Plant and their staff of 33.

  • Inked

    Experience getting your first tattoo with your new friend Ryan.

  • Like Letters

    When I said I wanted to write a piece about friendship for Valentine’s Day, a lot of people were kind of confused by the idea. Why make a big fuss about friendship?

  • Hit Record

    Whether you’re looking to record something in a basement or head into a professional studio, Winnipeg has no shortage of options for musicians who want to make albums.

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