Thursday, March 26, 2020

Aries: You're inclined to focus on settling in and getting comfortable with this transit, but a challenged Mercury suggests it's all too easy to get mentally wired up. You can experience some difficulties separating your responsibilities from your downtime. Listen to emotional signals to regroup and collect yourself, but you may need to do some mental exercise before you can get to a state of calm.

Taurus: Difficulties understanding a situation now can lead to robust solutions and good feelings, although there can be some misconceptions along the way. Discouragement, if you feel it now, is temporary. You may second-guess yourself before putting your faith into something or someone. Or, you might become frustrated with people around you who seem as if they're overdoing it right now. You'd prefer to wait things out and let reason kick in before jumping to conclusions, and this is the wisest choice under today's transits.

Gemini: Talking things through is favored, but gaining someone's full support may be a challenge just for now. We tend to have a hard time keeping things moderate today. With the Moon's move into your privacy sector, life tends to slow down, or at least you do. However, the tendency to make too much of a situation remains a potential problem as you seem to either imagine the worst or the best. You can feel some uncertainties about plans that are up in the air. While your thinking tends to be practical and goal-oriented these days, emotional matters can muddy the waters today, and you can find it difficult concentrating.

Cancer: You're in an especially favorable period for learning and sharing your ideas, dear Cancer, but today, there can be some small obstacles or a mood dip to manage. It's best not to waste too much time on regret, but you can certainly focus on something just long enough for you to take what you need to learn from the experience. Interactions with a partner or close friend can feel a little loaded as Mercury forms a minor clash with Jupiter, and soon, Pluto. The Moon moves into your social sector for a couple of days, and you can begin to crave a stronger connection to others.

Leo: The Moon moves to the top of your solar chart today, dear Leo, pointing your attention to responsibilities and your reputation. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to focus on priorities in spots today because of your very divided attention. Consider that loosening up may benefit you now. You may be looking for comfort from others, but the support you crave isn't likely to be as full as you'd like just for now. However, talking things through can lead to better responses going forward.

Virgo: There is a distinct tendency for us to miss the crucial details in the first half of today, dear Virgo, and to instead zero in on things that don't hold as much weight. Stretching your mind to think up new possibilities without investing too much of yourself into these ideas can be a useful process. Give yourself time before jumping to conclusions. As the day advances, you may be in a stronger position to think more deeply and to consider all angles, but do your best not to take this tendency to greater lengths than is necessary—or healthy. It may be best to avoid pushing things that are better left to run their natural course.

Libra: There can be big ideas floating around you today, dear Libra, but it may be best to adopt a wait-and-see mindset. Allow yourself to dream up new possibilities but avoid pouring too much time and energy into thee things for the time being. Instead, aim to give yourself time to process and digest before drawing up a conclusion. It can be difficult focusing on priorities just for now, as your mind gets pulled in all sorts of directions. Watch, too, for glamorizing the past if it's interfering with happiness today.

Scorpio: You seem to be better off involving others instead of going solo today, as the Moon moves into your partnership sector. Alternatively, you can benefit from a fresh perspective. It can be difficult to focus in spots today, as you're inclined to jump from seeing the best of a situation to the worst possibility, and rarely settling. It's also a challenge to identify, isolate, or concentrate on priorities. The goal should be to try to relax your mind, which seems to be in overdrive.

Sagittarius: It may be best to inject a little whimsy into what you're doing to make it more palatable these days. Aim to take your time coming to conclusions but engage in some stretching of your mind now. You might also aim to avoid major decision-making regarding money and personal possessions. The tendency now is to imagine the extreme of a situation, good or bad, and it can be difficult to listen to your own voice of reason just for now.

Capricorn: The Moon heads into your sector of fun, self-expression, and play for a couple of days. The focus should be on releasing tension and engaging in something you enjoy. Still, you may be wrestling with whether or not to give voice to your worries and concerns, or you might swing from positive to negative mental scenarios, with difficulty leveling things out. Aim to take your time digesting everything you learn now or enjoy a mental escape.

Aquarius: The Moon heads into your home and family sector until Saturday, making it a great time to enjoy familiar comforts, people, and settings. Activities that help build your sense of safety, belonging, and support can be helpful now. Even so, mental restlessness is possible now, or it's hard to turn your racing mind off. Test your ideas before going forward with them, as the day seems to make it hard to see things very clearly.

Pisces: The Moon heads into your communications sector, where it will transit until Saturday, piquing your curiosity. It can be a most interesting day but it can also be scattered. You can feel inspired or have a stroke of genius with the Moon meeting Uranus in this sector of your solar chart. This can be a great time for exploring personal interests or discovering something new. Still, there can be the sense that people around you are making the wrong choices or not seeing reason as Mercury in your sign forms minor but tense aspects with bodies in your social sector.

Source: cafeastrology.com

Published in Volume 74, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 26, 2020)

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