• Teachers ≥ heroes

    PROFile: Christopher Araujo, contract academic staff, Department of Philosophy, U of W

  • U of W partners with REES

    Sexual violence reporting tool aims to be "survivor-centred"

  • To be in person, or not to be in person

    That is the question the U of W theatre department has to address

  • Campus Briefs

    Thrive Week // Webinar Wednesdays // Dropping courses // Work-study program // Exams // Waitlists // Tuition fees // Current sward opportunities // Student aid // myVisit app

  • Discussing the past, present and future of Indigenous activism

    U of M hosting virtual roundtable on Dec. 7

  • As rent rises, uncertainty looms

    Tenants falling through the cracks of an already-faulty system

  • City Briefs

    Soldiering on // ISSP open for applications // Green office program for staff // Dissertation award in the English department // Indigenous activism in modernity // Update on silica mining project

  • Arts Briefs

    Sigrid Dahle // Indigenous activism in modernity // Bram Keast artist talk // One Queer City // ArtsJunktion workshop // Letters for Pallister 

  • Working together

    Co-operative businesses show resilience through shared values

  • It’s time for Pallister to ‘grow up’

    Provincial government must take responsibility for rising COVID-19 cases

  • The Crowe affair

    An important part of U of W’s history continues to unfold

  • UWSA addresses claims of institutional racism

    The UWSA has released a statement outlining an anti-racism plan following allegations of systemic racism both by, and against, former executives.

  • Campus Briefs

    Awards and financial aid // Student central // Student records // Student Services

  • A rude awakening

    COVID-19 links to sleep troubles

  • A right, not a privilege

    Newcomers face challenges exercising their rights in the workplace

  • City Briefs

    City seeking transit feedback // Honouring the critical commode // Navigating police interactions // Panel series on social housing // CLASS reading group at UWinnipeg // New provincial COVID-19 restrictions

  • Canada Highway Network celebrates 10 years

    Facebook page founder credits strict group rules that help inform and protect Manitobans

  • Arts Briefs

    Pallister protests get creative // Snitch line heating up // Home Alone, drive-in style // Restaurants and retail further curtailed // Spirit of the Grassroots People // Neah Kelly artist talk 

  • Our teachers are not okay

    Manitoba educators face hardships while teaching during the pandemic

  • Feeling blue while seeing red

    A Canadian experience of the US election

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