Submissions of articles, letters, graphics and photos are encouraged. New contributors must attend a 45 minute volunteer orientation workshop to ensure that the volunteer understands all of the publication’s basic guidelines. If you are an experienced writer looking to contribute a piece and you are unable to attend an orientation, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for alternate options. 

Volunteer orientations are held regularly every Wednesday (starting Jan 6) at 12:30 in the Uniter office, ORM14 in the Bulman Centre, University of Winnipeg. There is no need to register for orientations, and drop-ins are welcome.

Please email volunteer@uniter.ca for more details.

The Uniter reserves the right to refuse to print material submitted by volunteers.
The Uniter will not print submissions that are homophobic, misogynistic, racist or libellous. We also reserve the right to edit for length/style.