• On agency in death and life

    The tricky conversations around Bill C-7

  • Tensions between church and skate

    Queer skate community says The Edge Skatepark’s religious ties exclude many

  • The neighbourhood that never gave up

    Book highlights the evolution and resilience of West Broadway

  • City Briefs

    ClimateWest begins work // Sharing the ToyBox // Inaugural writer-in-residence reading // Taking the road to decarbonization in architecture // Upcoming Weweni panel discussion // Black Writing in Canada speaker series: Brandon Wint

  • Whose Siloam is it?

    Social media campaign started to hold Siloam Mission accountable

  • Deserving of respect

    The state of disability support in Winnipeg

  • Local non-profit hosts event on Canada’s green recovery

    Could a green recovery for Canada improve daily life?

  • Unprecedented entrepreneurship

    Launching a small business in the time of COVID-19

  • Shelters worry about the fate of recently adopted animals

    Will ‘pandemic pets’ have a furever home if things return to normal?

  • When public safety isn’t accessible

    Barriers arise out of COVID-19 protocol for people with disabilities

  • City briefs

    Career fair going digital // Reckoning with memorials // Study Skills Workshops start // On policing and community relations // Exploring Indigenous TB knowledge // Conserving the Seal River

  • Responsibility or austerity?

    A look at the Government of Manitoba’s fiscal response to COVID-19

  • CBC Manitoba releases Future 40 list

    U of W students and alumni among those recognized

  • Activists fight Concordia CancerCare closure

    Patients and activists alike say healthcare cuts are damaging

  • Historical futures of the downtown Hudson’s Bay

    Envisioning new life into an almost-century-old building

  • City Briefs

    Snowed In 2021 // New local delivery portal // From Winnipeg to Hague // Siloam’s shadow // Ojibwe radio drama joins the airwaves // Senate passes alternate grade options 

  • Safe shopping, locally

    Local businesses offering pickup and delivery for all your pantry needs

  • Historically modern

    Nearly a century ago, Modern Electric Lunch was Winnipeg’s first restaurant with electric refrigeration. A new restaurant with the same name has opened in the same space.

  • Favourite Winnipeg winter activity

    Favourite Winnipeg winter activity

    1. Outdoor ice skating
    2. Long walks on the River Trail
    3. Staying inside

  • Favourite local social media presence or account

    Favourite local social media presence or account

    1. Winnipeg Police Cause Harm
    2. It Happens in Winnipeg
    3. MB Poli Drag Race / Pallister is a Vampire (tie)

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