• Art at stake

    In The Death and Life of Great American Cities, author and urbanist Jane Jacobs posits public art as an essential pillar of city life.

  • A problem of priorities

    Anyone who’s been reading The Uniter for a while has probably read me complaining about Winnipeg’s car-centric philosophy more than once. It’s a favourite topic of mine. As someone who doesn’t own a car and relies on sidewalks and transit to get around, it impacts me pretty directly.

  • Insufficient funds

    One of the two public tennis courts a block from my downtown apartment has been missing a net since the fall. This was a more pressing issue in October, when temperatures were above freezing and the surface was still playable – but just barely.

  • City briefs

    Massive airport coke bust // Changes to nursing requirements // Former Blue Bomber Craig Roh dies // Dry winter spells drought for province // Weidman Warehouse destroyed by fire // MP Blaikie resigns

  • Bell Media layoffs slash already-thin resources

    Bell Media’s latest round of cuts and layoffs is shocking but not surprising to some local reporters and journalists.

  • Winterpeg or Warmerpeg?

    Although Winnipeg is known as a winter city, there are many days during the season when it’s too cold to spend time outdoors. But this year, it’s the warmer temperatures that are keeping people off the ice.

  • City briefs

    Women’s Memorial March // Next-generation 911 // City to close public pools // Supervised consumption sites in review // Indigenous Wellness centre opening soon // Five suspicious deaths in Carman

  • Record drug bust amplifies need for social supports

    The largest drug bust in Prairie history is highlighting the local need for more drug-addiction and social supports in Manitoba.

  • Edmonton city hall shooting calls security into question

    Winnipeg city councillors are calling for increased security after a man fired gunshots and threw a Molotov cocktail from the second floor of Edmonton’s city hall on Jan. 23. No one was physically injured during the incident.

  • Arts briefs

    A dark day for the arts // A flurry of laughs // A dance double-feature // A concert in the sky(walk) // An intuitive art exhibition // A call for Prairie art books

  • Please read responsibly

    In order to write the news, you also have to read the news.

  • A tale of two sports cities

    On Jan. 31, Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans were greeted by a cryptic Instagram post showing a fur coat and cowboy hat hanging on an armoire. The only word in the post was “soon.” Bomber fans knew this could only mean one thing.

  • City briefs

    Celebrating Black history // Wesmen basketball team rankings // Illegal border crossing leads to arrest // Métis crafting session // Gillingham to give state of the city address // Debates about library space


    Most Manitobans know the frustration of being stuck after a snowstorm or being stranded with a dead battery. One local group hopes to ease that stress and give people a boost.

  • Bogus budget

    On Feb. 7, Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham released the city’s preliminary budget for 2024 to 2027. Frustratingly, it’s the work of a city hall still dedicated to protecting the interests of wealthy property owners at the expense of the poor and working-class people who actually need help.

  • City briefs

    Free provincial park entry // March for Afolabi Opaso // Feasibility of landfill search // River trail closes again // Largest seizure of meth reported in Prairies // U of W hiring more Indigenous faculty

  • Culturally appropriate care for Manitoba survivors

    The expansion of a forensic nursing program at two community clinics will help survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence access trauma-informed and culturally appropriate care.

  • A call against brutality

    January 2024 is coming to an end, and, already, the Winnipeg Police Service has killed another person.

  • City briefs

    Lace up your skates // Get me out of here // Cap on student study permit // Marlborough Hotel investigation // Community-centre upgrades // More Ukrainian newcomers headed to Manitoba

  • Feral-cat bylaw changes could impact wildlife populations

    People may soon be allowed to feed and care for feral cats in Winnipeg – but doing so could come at the cost of birds and small mammals.

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