• Opening in a pandemic

    Why the owners of Gâto and Thyme took the risk

  • Diversity Foods and COVID-19

    The life of a social enterprise during a pandemic

  • An abundance of bagels

    Winnipeg goes from zero to 3 specialty bagel shops in less than a year

  • Roasted miso Brussels sprouts and butternut squash with tahini sauce

    Warm, cozy, comfort food!

  • Festival du Voyageur goes virtual

    Programming includes workshops and eight days of free online concerts

  • Safe shopping, locally

    Local businesses offering pickup and delivery for all your pantry needs

  • Historically modern

    Nearly a century ago, Modern Electric Lunch was Winnipeg’s first restaurant with electric refrigeration. A new restaurant with the same name has opened in the same space.

  • Sparkle spice cookies

    An illustration and recipe by Talia Steele

  • Favourite local place to eat

    Favourite local place to eat

     1. Juneberry
    2. Never Better Coffee
    3. Roughage Eatery / Sous Sol (tie)

  • Favourite local establishment that no longer exists

    Favourite local establishment that no longer exists

    1. Segovia Tapas Bar
    2. Tiny Feast
    3. Mondragon /  Music Trader (tie)

  • Favourite date activity

    Favorite date activity

    1. Cooking or eating together
    2. Making out / Cocktails (tie)
    3. Going to the movies

  • Lentil shepherd’s pie

    An illustration and recipe by Talia Steele

  • You are what you eat

    Personal chef gives insight into new cooking norms

  • City of food (in)security

    Amid COVID-19, more Winnipeggers struggle to afford their next meal

  • Curry Macaroni

    Do you like curry? Do you like macaroni? Well then you're in luck, because this recipe has both of those things, and it is - *chef's kiss* - very good.

  • Delivering on yum

    Pandemic provides new opportunities for young entrepreneurs

  • Meet your meat

    Local meat farmers provide assurance of ethical farming

  • Eating fresh when it’s freezing

    In our cold northern climate, getting fresh, local produce in the winter can be a challenge, especially in the downtown area.

  • Fluffy “spooky” pancakes

    What makes these pancakes spooky is eating them in “spooky season,” of course! Put the batter in Halloween-y cookie cutters if you have them.

  • Nacho stovetop popcorn

    A crunchy, satisfying snack (or lunch or dinner, no judgments here) that is vegan and gluten-friendly.

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