• Witnessing ‘white supremacy unchecked’

    The words we use to describe violence

  • On agency in death and life

    The tricky conversations around Bill C-7

  • Responsibility or austerity?

    A look at the Government of Manitoba’s fiscal response to COVID-19

  • Favourite local social media presence or account

    Favourite local social media presence or account

    1. Winnipeg Police Cause Harm
    2. It Happens in Winnipeg
    3. MB Poli Drag Race / Pallister is a Vampire (tie)

  • Favourite public art piece

    Favourite public art piece

    1. Anti-RCMP graffiti
    2. Mural at WanaBees Diner
    3. Kenneth Lavallee’s Star Blanket Project

  • Favourite local politician

    Favourite local politician

    1. Uzoma Asagwara
    2. Leah Gazan
    3. “Fuck Brian Pallister” / “I hate Brian Pallister”

  • Favourite local activist / Favourite local grassroots community group / Favourite political moment

    Favourite local activist

    1. Justice 4 Black Lives Winnipeg
    2. Mahlet Cuff
    3. Lena Andres

    Favourite local grassroots community group

    1.  Justice 4 Black Lives Winnipeg
    2. Bear Clan Patrol
    3. Winnipeg Police Cause Harm

    Favourite political moment

    1. Justice 4 Black Lives rally
    2. Tombstones outside Pallister’s house
    3. Donald Trump loses US election

  • It’s time for Pallister to ‘grow up’

    Provincial government must take responsibility for rising COVID-19 cases

  • Feeling blue while seeing red

    A Canadian experience of the US election

  • Immigrants and reform

    Foreigner Affairs

  • U of W students elect new UWSA president

    University of Winnipeg students have elected a new UWSA executive following a tumultuous summer

  • The neighbours are having a coup

    At the time of this writing, the ballots in the US presidential election are still being counted.

  • Late-night shows are like university students

    For now, late-night reflects the mounting pressure put on comedians to be philosophers, political activists and teachers, able to somehow grapple (comedically) with the floundering American democracy.

  • In law we trust

    It isn’t fair to ask marginalized communities for lawful protest when laws often largely miss the mark on human rights.

  • Balancing the budget comes at a price

    The plan for education reform was unveiled in the provincial government’s throne speech on Oct. 7, contending that parents will have “more say” in the new model.

  • City Briefs

    Tech-Connect launch // A year-long timeout // The annual meeting of those who speak for the trees // Navigating law to protect the environment // Healthcare worker grievances // Bowman announces break with City

  • Universal basic income is not the answer

    We need to be more creative and imagine more progressive ways to subsidize and lower real costs of living, putting the onus back on governments and the wealthy.

  • Books without barriers

    As part of the third phase of reopening libraries, Millennium Library has now opened its doors without security screening measures in place at the entrance. 

  • The student case for a basic income

    With the end of CERB benefits on Sept. 26 fast approaching, many Canadians are making the case for a universal basic income.

  • A time to act

    The global resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has prompted the local theatre community and its historically white-led organizations to acknowledge and try to dismantle age-old barriers for local BIPOC artists.

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