• January 14 2021

    In the Jan. 14 article "Origin Stories: Jon Klassen," we stated that Jon Klassen's book I Want My Hat Back won the Caldecott Medal for both writing and illustration. The Caldecott Medal is awarded solely for illustration. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • November 19 2020

    In the Nov. 19 article "Working together," we stated that Nedzad Brkic's job title at Credit Union Central of Manitoba as "director of planning, research and mortgage transfer." Brkic's correct job title is director of planning, research and knowledge transfer. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • November 9 2020

    In the Oct. 29 article "(P)artners in performance art and feminist leadership," we stated that Lorri Millan was the performer in the 1990 video "We're Talking Vulva." The performer was Shawna Dempsey. We also stated that the duo installed bus shelter ads for their "One Gay City" project. While ads were created, the ad agency in charge of bus shelters refused to display them, a matter that became the subject of a Manitoba Human Rights Commission challenge. The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • October 8 2020

    In the Oct. 8 article "Pandemic may increase domestic violence," we stated that RESOLVE has offices at the Universities of Manitoba, Regina and Calgary. RESOLVE Saskatchewan's office is now located at the University of Saskatchewan, not the University of Regina. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 21 2020

    In the Sept. 10 article "PROFile: Dr. Kathleen Venema," we quoted Venema as saying her worst grade in university was a D. She actually said that her worst grade was a B. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 18 2020

    In the Sept. 17 article "Publishing in the pandemic," we listed an outdated street address and website for the Whodunit Mystery Bookstore. Whodunit is located at 163 Lilac St. and its new website is The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 14 2020

    The Sept. 10 article "Strong father, Strong Son" stated that filmmaker Ian Bawa " has had a number of shorts in the (Toronto International Film Festival) before." Bawa has only had one previous film shown at TIFF. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 14 2020

  • May 29 2020

    In the May 28 article "The festival circuit," we stated that the original start date of the Hot Docs Festival was March 24. The actual planned start date was April 30. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • March 19 2020

    In the March 19 article "U of W cancels in-person classes," we incorrectly referred to Reza Saker using she/her pronouns. Saker's pronouns are he/him. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • March 16 2020

    In the March 12 article "U of W students elect new UWSA executive," we failed to mention that Cheta D. Akaluka was elected UWSA senator. The Uniter regrets the error.

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